We wouldn’t exactly call it a comeback, but hats are once again on fashion’s radar. No longer relegated to bad hair day duty, the accessory du jour took center stage at the fall show by Carolina Herrera and added polish to the killer pant suits at Bill Blass. Whether it be a feather tucked trilby or a demure felt cloche, you’ll need a hat trick or two to accentuate the posh lady like looks that are all the rage this season.

p.s. we heart hats by Eugenia Kim – visit www.eugeniakim.com to check them out.

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  • I want a hat like the one Anabesi had on Oz to put on the top of my ‘fro. LOL

  • Come On! Hats never been a part of outdated fashion, (Any kind of hat) They are always in latest fashion trends.