“Let your haters be your motivators”. NO! YOU be your motivator! I know that everyone has at least one hater and we shouldn’t let those jealous and envious folk stop us from doing what we want to do but, the only real person that can stop you is you. I’ve recently been stuck in a place where I’ve lacked motivation. I even told some of my friends that I needed motivation and encouragement to do what I wanted to do. Even though I got the motivation and encouragement that I had asked for — the missing piece of the puzzle was me motivating myself. I realized that no matter how much my friends were cheering for me on the sidelines I had to be the head cheerleader in order to get where I was trying to go.

Besides, people come and go and that’s just a part of life. So if you’re always depending on someone else to pump you up then what are you going to do when they’re gone? Who’s going to pump you up when you’re laying in bed at night thinking about your goals and dreams? Who has the last say so on what decisions you make? I know that times are rough and some times we just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but, when the going gets tough just keep it moving.

If you want to start that business then do it. If you want to buy that home then do it. If you want to move to a more progressive city then do it. Just remember that you hold key to your destiny!

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