The beauty spotlight feature highlights companies who are thinking outside of the box in order to deliver exceptional products to consumers. This month we are featuring b.l.a.c. Minerals an all natural cosmetics line created for women of color and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

With the recent trend of mineral makeup and everybody going green, b.l.a.c Minerals decided to help create a healthier planet by creating a line that is completely pure. While many cosmetics companies have started to use minerals and natural products, few have made an effort to appeal to ethnic women and their skin. B.l.a.c. Minerals saw the great demand for a product such as this and developed a unique line in response. A line that offers a full line of color cosmetics that compliment a wide range of skin types and tones.

The company which is growing as word spreads about this amazing product line has a simple mission:

“B.l.a.c. Mineral’s mission is to provide natural, organic, and holistic skin care and cosmetics to the ethnic marketplace while promoting individualistic beauty across race and place. Our brand seeks to enhance the natural beauty of women and encourage self love and confidence through the images and face of b.l.a.c. minerals.”

So if you haven’t had a chance to check out this fabulous pure and healthy product line check it out today at www.blacminerals.com.

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  • D-Ski

    I haven’t tried this particular makeup line,but I am a client of ada cosmetics and I must say that I am extremely satified with the results. The makeup is awesome to say the least and you will find your exact color match with them….perhaps more than one color will suit you because it is all about the undertones(red,blue,golden,yellow etc)the is fair considering that with mineral makeup, it’s so concetrated, that a little goes a mighty long way. As well, it covers blemishes, dark marks very well and unlike store bought makeup with all the chemials and preservatives in it that make a sista look worse off when she takes it off, this stuff actually makes you look BETTER when you take it off! I love my ada cosmetics and I will not be using anything else any time in the near future. Ladies ada offers samples and you just pick out your complexion(fair,light,med/dark)and they will send you samples of at least fifteen mineral makeup, some blushes and bronzer that match your selected skin tone for under twenty dollars!! Let’s start supporting makeup made by us…..FOR US!!!

  • Patricia

    Yeah, I tried the B.l.a.c minerals line and got lack luster customer service, plus the shades are almost always too red, and I’ve bought several samples! It’s a very frustrating experience when you are trying to be supportive but every time you email with a inquiry you get ignored.

    I’m glad that people are supportive of black mineral makeup lines and everything but I have to say that I DEFINITELY prefer the Mineral Indulgence makeup line. They have more complimentary shades and the website is GORGEOUS. Plus their customer service is superb. I received an email response from Mineral Indulgence 30 minutes after I submitted a question. It took me 4 CONTACT FORMS to receive ONE response from b.l.a.c minerals and they still weren’t very helpful or encouraging for me to buy.

    Sorry I can’t recommend.

    If you’re looking for a better quality line with more shades I’d recommend mineralindulgence.com hands down.

    I’ve heard good things about ada too, though.

  • Bridget

    Hi, I have heard such good things from the majority of the post here, but I placed an order with this b.l.a.c. minerals and have not gotten my order in over two weeks, nor have I gotten any response from their sales people and they say the best way to reach them is by email, but I have only receive one telling me of their concern for the customers, and that some wold reach me soon, but to no avail no one has. Could someone tell me if there is a way to contact them by phone? I would hate to think that have been ripped off!