The economy is bad enough that some experts are actually saying it’s not a good idea to invest at this time, and the best way to make money is to save it and cut back on spending…a lot! But for most people, if not all, total deprivation leads to failure. You need to indulge in something you enjoy sometimes. For me, I have a serious latte factor and simply cannot live without Starbucks! If it’s the same for you, maybe you don’t have to. Now, you may be wondering why I’m talking about coffee with the economy in the trouble that it’s in. Well, coffee has become a way of life in our society. Try to work with a serious coffee drinker who has not had her daily cinnamon dulce latte. Also, with the average latte or mocha costing between $3.50 and $4.50, gourmet coffee is one of the biggest little things that can quickly drain the funds. If you’re in the coffee house everyday, you’re spending about $120 a month on coffee, even for a small cup. That’s $1440 a year and this figure does not include the yummy pastries. So here are just a few tips to cut some costs and save you money while still getting your daily caffeine fix.

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