Erykah Badu Pregnant with 3rd Child
The New York Daily News is reporting that soulful songstress Erykah Badu is expecting her third child. The R&B star reportedly revealed the news over the weekend at the Austin City Limits festival, where she performed Saturday in a smiley-face t-shirt that exposed her baby bump. Badu, 37, has a 10-year-old son named Seven Sirius, with Outkast’s Andre ‘Andre 3000’ Benjamin; and a 4-year-old daughter named Puma Rose, with rapper The D.O.C. (Continue Reading…)

BET Gives ‘Rap City’ the Heave-Ho
The beat is ending at BET’s “Rap City,” the longrunning video program that finally helped vault hip-hop music into the popular mainstream. The network confirmed Wednesday it will replace “Rap City” with a new show, “The Deal,” starting Nov. 10. A farewell episode is planned for “Rap City,” which launched in September 1989. There was speculation yesterday it could run Oct. 29, but a network source said no date has been set. While “Rap City” has drifted over the last three years, frequently changing hosts and time slots, it remains one of the media pillars on which rap’s current popularity was built. “‘Rap City’ is a legendary program that has been crucial in creating awareness for hip-hop music videos that were tailored for the core rap fan,” said Ebro Darden, program director of WQHT (97.1 FM). Hot-97 didn’t switch to a full-time hip-hop format – the first in the country- until four years after “Rap City” went on the air. (Continue Reading…)

Master P and Wal-Mart Sued by Pepe Jeans
Master P and Wal-Mart have been sued by a London-based jeans company for trademark infringement, reports WWD Business. Pepe Jeans London LLC has accused P (real name: Percy Miller) of infringing on its trademark with the use of the letter “P” in the logo for his P. Miller clothing line. In documents filed in a Manhattan federal court last week, the company alleges that the logo infringes on the Pepe Jeans P logo, which is a stylized P enclosed in a circle. They also cite the use of the logo on P. Miller jeans’ hangtags. In addition to Master P and Wal-Mart, manufacturer Happy Nation Inc. is also named in the suit. (Continue Reading…)

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