Star Jones on The View: ‘Those Girls Were Hateful’
Star Jones is speaking out about how she was treated during her departure from The View in 2006. “Those girls were hateful,” Jones says of her former co-hosts. In a new interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Jones also opens up about “falling into a depression” after losing her self-titled Court TV show last year; her ongoing dispute with Barbara Walters (“Barbara set me up”); and her divorce from Al Reynolds, which was finalized in September. Responding directly to Reynolds’s infamous YouTube videos, in which he stated he “still loves” Star, Jones responds bluntly: “I’m not in love with him.” (Continue Reading…)

Castro Says It’s a ‘Miracle’ Obama Hasn’t Been Assassinated
Former Cuban president Fidel Castro charged that American society was marked by “profound racism” and that it was a “pure miracle” that US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has not been assassinated. “Profound racism exists in the United States,” Castro wrote in a commentary that appeared on the website Cubadebate Saturday as he weighed in on the US presidential race ahead of the November 4 election. “Millions of whites cannot reconcile in their minds with the idea that a black man with his wife and children would move into the White House, which is called just like that — White,” he wrote. (Continue Reading…)

Congressman Says McCain Sowing ‘Seeds of Hatred’
Democratic congressman John Lewis, a veteran civil rights leader, accused Republican John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin on Saturday of “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” and said it reminded him of the segregationist era of Alabama Gov. George Wallace. McCain, trailing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in the polls in an increasingly tense campaign, quickly hit back, branding Lewis’s remarks “shocking and beyond the pale” and calling on Obama to immediately repudiate them. (Continue Reading…)

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  • Given all the violence-inciting, race-baiting, hate-filled speech spewing from the mouths of McCain, Palin and their campaign, Castro’s words are on target. These are people who claim to “love our country.” These are people who claim to be putting their “country first.” What happened to McCain’s promise a few months ago to run a positive, clean, issue-driven campaign?

    I’m scared for America. I really am. The hate, fueled by a widespread shameful ignorance, is perplexing. I won’t be surprised if we actually witness violent upheaval from residents in certain middle and southern states if Obama wins this election! McCain’s entire campaign has been a disgrace, incredibly hypocritical and destructive. How can anyone still have an ounce of respect for this pathetic excuse of a man, and his win-at-any-cost strategy, along with his even scarier side-kick, Sarah Palin?