Report: Halle Berry Says She Takes Control in Bed
Halle Berry has confessed all about her sex life, saying that her orgasms have gotten better as she’s gotten older. The stunning Oscar winner, who has just been voted the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire, told the magazine: “You know that stuff they say about a woman being responsible for her own orgasms? That’s all true, and, in my case, that makes me responsible for pretty damn good orgasms. “They’re much better orgasms than when I was 22, and I wouldn’t let a man control that. … Not anymore. Now, I’d invite them to participate.” (Continue Reading…)

Study: Los Angeles Police Stop More Blacks, Hispanics
The city’s police officers are more likely to stop and search black and Hispanic residents than they are whites, even though whites are more often found carrying guns and contraband, according to a report released Monday by a civil liberties group. “The results of this study raise grave concerns that African-Americans and Hispanics are over-stopped, over-frisked, over-searched, and over-arrested,” wrote report author Ian Ayres, a Yale Law School economist and professor. Ayres’ report, published by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, analyzed the Los Angeles Police Department’s own numbers for pedestrian and motor vehicle stops in the year July 2003 to June 2004. (Continue Reading…)

How Obama’s Top Strategist Learned to Sell Black Candidates
Axelrod had proven the master of the key to Obama’s political future: He knew how to sell black candidates to white voters. It’s a formula Axelrod developed working on a series of black mayoral candidates’ campaigns in cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Once Obama finally won him over, in 2002, Axelrod used it to elect Obama to the U.S. Senate. And now, with Axelrod serving as the Obama campaign’s chief political and media strategist, that formula is poised to send the first African American to the White House. (Continue Reading…)

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