History making saving in today’s economy is not the only thing one should do, but making sure you get the most out of the services you want and need, and life’s necessities is a must as well. I’m talking about stretching those dollars! Following are a few tips to get you well on your way to maximizing every dollar spent.

Keep the cute cell phone, lose the little luxuries. When you have kids or a business, owning a cell phone is a must, but some of the popular services that you can get with a cell phone are not. One such extra is the internet. If you have the internet on your desk or lap top, then you really don’t need it on your cell phone unless it’s for work related purposes. Another service that’s easy to go overboard on and make your bill sky-rocket out of control is text messaging. If this is the case for you then switch to a service company that offers unlimited text messaging. It may make the difference in your bill and save you money.

Downloading screensavers is another money waster that I, myself am guilty of. I’m in love with girly screensavers, my favorite being one that reads Brown Sugar with a backdrop of chocolate-brown and crushed sparkly diamonds. However, these can sometimes cost as much at $1.99, and thus not worth it in today’s economy. The same goes for downloading music and ring tones. It’s better for your pockets to just stick to the tones that come already programmed into your phone.

Stay stylish and save money too. Go ahead and go shopping…in your closet! There may be quite a few things in there with tags still attached that you forgot you even bought. Now’s the time to go on a spree and put those once must-have items to good use. Some of last season’s trends are this season’s trends, so make a whole new fabulous fall ensemble. If you decide your finds will no longer do, then sell them to a thrift store. Thrift stores are very popular these days and you’ll be putting some of that money you spent back in your pocket.

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