Halloween is right around the corner and I am super excited about all the candy I will consume. I probably could go to the store and by a big bag of candy and eat it all by myself during any time of the year. But I would feel terrible and guilty about it. So I wait until Halloween to do it guilt-free. I thought to myself why not take the opportunity to polish off a bag of miniature Kit Kats?

Well that was how I thought until I got older and my jeans started fitting a little snug. I figured I needed to tame my sweet tooth a little. The best way to do that? Buy Philosophy’s Haunted House Set ($30, philosophy.com). This trio of sweet treat-scented, high-foaming shampoo, shower gel, and bubble baths—are sweet enough to tame any sweet tooth. The set includes black licorice, caramel apple, and pumpkin spice muffin high-foaming shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. All designed to gently cleanse skin and leave it feeling soft and smelling yummy.

Now I am not saying that the Philosophy’s Haunted House Set will cause me to go candy free. But it is sweet enough to make me skip that extra Kit Kat bar for a few extra moments for lathering up in its Heavenly scent. At least that is a start. Right?

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