It seems like most people I know want to lose at least 5 pounds. Whether its 5 pounds to get back into your favorite jeans or 10 pounds to help you get into a bikini. Most of us are not completely happy with our weight and would go to pretty great lengths to find out the secret on how to do it and keep it off.

Well the secret is that there isn’t any secret. That the way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. Now exercise is not always fun but it is necessary to lose and keep weight off. Your diet should be low in calories and fat and include a well-balanced menu. But, if you are doing all that and need an added boost? Try to add a Skinny Water instead of a high calorie drink into your diet. Skinny Water is the first, zero-calorie water that boosts energy, increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. ($1.49, available at Target —target.com or visit skinnywater.com).

Skinny Water not only is a perfect replacement for high calorie drinks in your diet but it actually works to suppresses appetite and improve your metabolism. Each bottle curbs appetite and each flavor is formulated with antioxidants multivitamins and clinically proven ingredients to boost metabolism and curb appetite. Skinny Water comes in five delicious flavors – Acai Grape Blueberry (Hi- Energy), Raspberry Pomegranates (Crave Control), Goji Fruit Punch (Shape), Passion Fruit Lemonade (Total-V) and Peach Mango Mandarin (XXX-Detox).

It certainly can’t hurt to try Skinny Water — this drink with zero calories and zero sugar. So you can drink this with zero guilt. So go ahead choose a flavor and get busy getting into those jeans you have been waiting to wear.

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  • yes

    did they really have to name it skinny though? i aint tryin to be bones, just less meaty

  • I agree with Yes, but from a marketing standpoint, slapping the word “Skinny” on it will definitely lure in the weight conscious.

  • NinaG

    It contains chromium, a mineral that is supposed to help with weight loss; however, there hasn’t been agreement about chromium’s actual relationship with weight (although it may be helpful in controlling Type II Diabetes). As with anything, be informed.

  • Somebody please make a drink called Coke Shape!

  • Teina

    lol @ Arlice