It’s Friday and you just got a text from your best girlfriend that she wants to check out this fabulous new club she heard about. You’re excited because you haven’t been out in a while and you worry about everything from your hair to your shoes. What you don’t worry about is the unexpected. The unexpected is a possible robbery, rape, shooting, etc.

Here are some things that ladies can to do to help keep safe while enjoying the night.

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  • I concur Crys. This is definitely from a Detroit Perspective lol

  • Martha

    Great tips that I will share with young ladies AND gents.

  • Great tips! There have been so many times where a fight occurs and my girls want to watch, or the club is done and my girls want to chill outside the club talking to men.

    Its soo refreshing to see my opinion illustrated in such a well-written article! Thanks Clutch team! =D

    – Viva