We like to take our daily dose of pop culture and entertainment without the nasty after taste of hate that many gossip blogs dish out these days. That’s why we like That Grape Juice—it keeps us current on our favorite celebs and personalities without tearing them down for sport. If you’re looking for a sharp read on the comings and goings of urban entertainment, then you’ll definitely have to check it out.

Sam: thatgrapejuice.net

Q: When did That Grape Juice launch?
After becoming well-acquainted with the countless urban music/entertainment Web sites and blogs, I decided to start my own in January 2007. Born out my love for all things ‘urban’, I simply sought to share my thoughts and opinions on the latest happenings in the Urban entertainment world.

Q: How did you come up with the name That Grape Juice?
I vividly remember sitting in my university halls during my first year (I’m a 20-year-old final year media college/university student), trying to brainstorm a name. With several hours having passed and many a wack name left on the cutting room floor, I began reminiscing on a high school media studies project I had achieved an A grade on a few months prior. [It was] a sample urban magazine called The Grape Vine. A spin on the classic Marvin Gaye song of the same title, my magazine’s grape vine wasn’t to be like the unreliable, gossipy grape vine described in the song; my grape vine was going to be concrete, legit, yet at the same time equally, if not, more entertaining!

So, drawing on aspects of the magazine’s concept as well as today’s blog/internet culture of supplying the ‘juice’, That Grape Juice was born.

Q: America is obsessed with pop culture. Does the same hold true in the UK?
I would say yes, but perhaps to a slightly lesser extent. Oddly enough though, there has been a real increase in the obsession with US pop culture over here. So it’s not uncommon to now open my London paper and find stories on the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and others who are of no real relevance to our side of the pond. By no means a bad thing, just an example of the increasingly ‘community-like’ world blogs and the internet more generally has made for us to live in.

Q: You’ve had some great interviews on That Grape Juice! Who was your favorite interview so far?
Thank you! I’d have to say it’s a joint first between Kelly Rowland and Ne-Yo! Both Kelly and Ne-Yo really warmed to our style of interviewing and the depth of knowledge (of them and their projects) our questions showed; hence this allowed for much more open, honest and an ultimately better interviews.

I firmly believe in only conducting the type of interview I’d want to read (as a reader), so I try not to shy away from the tough questions and topics. Therefore, it always helps when artists, as with the mentioned, are forthcoming and frank.

Q: Who would you most like to interview on That Grape Juice?
Having interviewed Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, there is one other Destiny’s Child member I’m hoping to sit down with sometime soon (laughs). My sisters, friends, even my mom, have all warned me what will happen if I don’t allow them to tag along to see Ms. Beyonce herself! (laughs).

I must say, though, that interviewing my all-time favorite artist Michael Jackson (in some capacity) would be the ultimate dream come true.

Q: With so many entertainment and gossip blogs available, what makes That Grape Juice stand out?
From the onset, I made it a point of duty to not imitate the format of the majority of blogs out there—which largely nitpick at the flaws of celebs. I mean, let’s not get it twisted, the vast majority (myself included) want to see who and who was snapped looking a hot mess! However, some of these bloggers seem to miss the mark, by going overboard and forgetting that they probably look worse themselves!

More than anything though, I wanted the site to be as true to my personality as possible; meaning I opt to, more often than not, look for the positive in things rather than the negative. I’m really appreciative of life, so I often wonder why some would spend it hating on others.

Q: When you’re not writing for That Grape Juice, what other sites do you visit?
Oh, most definitely my girl and fellow UK’er Toya of Toyasworld.com…one of my reasons for starting That Grape Juice.

Of course, Concrete Loop, Bossip, Sandra Rose; the list goes on and on.

Q: What are your future plans for That Grape Juice?
This whole journey has been real unpredictable in the best of ways. So I’m just hopeful that things continue to go onwards and upwards!

Q: In five words, describe That Grape Juice.

Q: Why should someone add That Grape Juice to their daily blogroll?
As one of the premiere urban pop culture blogs on the ‘net for news, music, reviews, interviews and much more, you’d be missing out if you didn’t!

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