I’ve always admired women with flawless makeup, specifically their foundation. It amazed me how they simplistically perfected the right tone, shade and full look of a well manicured face with little or no effort. Especially since there are so many brands and colors to chose from I was convinced there was some secret makeup convention of some sort that took place each year that shared the highly confidential beauty secrets of how to find, apply and wear the perfect foundation. And of course I was not on the invite list.

Needless to say I’ve been trying for years to find the right shade for my skin tone. I spent countless amounts of time and money just experimenting with different brands, levels and colors that I thought was right for me because their targeted “face” image looked like me. But each time I was dissatisfied with the outcome and left back at square one. I couldn’t comprehend why something that is supposed to be made for me doesn’t look or feel right for me. So, after numerous let downs and pure frustration I realized I had to chart my own course and find a cover up that worked for my skin tone on my own terms, not what someone else thinks should or would. This plight took effort, research and the determination to get it right. Nonetheless, I finally found a shade that looks great on me. And it was nothing other than a custom blend foundation made specifically for my undertone. This unique foundation can not be duplicated, purchased or worn by anyone else but me. However, to achieve this made for self perfection it took a lot of patience, testing, starting over and looking back by me and the make up artist. Simply put, it was hard-work but well worth it in the end because I was satisfied.

Who knew the journey to foundation heaven would be a symbolic metaphor of life. The discovery of finding the perfect shade is no easy path yet the result is a fulfilling one. You see, many times we admire, envy and emulate what others wear, purchase and become and forget that it may not be a good “make up” for us. And in the midst of trying to duplicate what we see and believe is for us, we always end up disappointed and feeling empty. We forget that with anything in life, in order to get to the state of true personal satisfaction, we must endure numerous testing stages, set backs and losses. However once we realize that we can not “apply” the “shade” someone else wears on ourselves. We learn to find our own “brand” and create our custom blend. Resulting in true happiness.

So if this were my beauty convention I would tell you it’s ok to admire others but don’t emulate them, take bits and pieces and incorporate each of them into your “blend”. Now that you have those secret ingredients, put your best face forward, and be picture perfect!

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