Girlfriends talking about Sex and The City is the perfect way to describe The Single Life with Claudia Jordan and Friends. Claudia and her four friends, Porscha Coleman, Danisha Danielle, Tina Divina and Flora Santiago are blunt fun blended with hard-core honesty and savvy sexiness. This show is a view into the world of women and thanks to SIRIUS Satellite Radio it has no censorship. From abortions to ménage trios’, mama’s boys to domestic violence, no topic is off limits to this fabulous five. What makes these women special? Their f**k-it attitude, their individual independence, and their relationship with each other that resembles old elementary school friends.

At 7 p.m. every Monday night, Claudia, Tina Divina, Porscha Coleman, Danisha Danielle and Flora Santiago get together for a fun filled hour of laughs and sometimes seriousness. Even their special male guests, like Fonzworth Bentley, Too Short and Chris Spencer, blush and tear at the women’s savvy tongues and toilet bowl humor. Critics will not deter the ladies from doing their thing and with majority male callers these women definitely hold their own on the microphone. For the men who’ve always wondered how women talk about them, this show will satisfy the curiosity.

Clutch: Claudia, is it a coincidence that you happen to be #1 on Deal or No Deal?
Claudia: I think the producers new what they were doing. No seriously, I was number nine before and one of the producers decided to move me to number one. It made sense because I’d been there since the pilot and I love saying it any chance I get.

Clutch: With all the work you’ve been doing, how do you feel about the extreme attention you’ve been receiving?
Claudia: I thought you had to get to a level of a movie star for people to really care about what kind of shoes you have on or if your eyebrows aren’t done… I feel like I’m just working and trying to make it and I don’t see myself like that, so when I see that stuff, I’m like ‘really?’

Clutch: Does the negative attention affect you?
Claudia: When it’s personal stuff, where there’s some truth to it mixed with some outrageous stuff, you start to wonder who your friends are… and that’s what’s depressing to me. I’m an open book and I don’t ever want to change that about myself. I want to continue to go on the radio and say ‘my feet are f**ked up, or I have this flaw or I’m bad at this.’ I don’t want to change that because I think that can be a beautiful thing. Maybe that’s my East Coast thing; we’re very open, straight forward and rough around the edges but at the end of the day, no one will ever say I didn’t expect that from Claudia.

Clutch: Porsha, does the relationship with the ladies contribute to the success you have now and the successes to come?
Porsha: I didn’t hang out with a lot of women in general until now, so definitely yes. I was one of the chicks with all the homeboys. I didn’t get with any of them but I was that homegirl. There’s a lot of knowledge that comes along with having older friends. There’s no competition between us because we’re all different, look different, act different all with something different to offer. I’m not like the young one in the group who’s always left out. It’s never that.

Clutch: Danisha, as a real estate broker and investor, how do you keep a leveled head when conducting business in a field dominated by men?
Danisha: I think I act like a man. You can’t be a woman in business. I think you have to be what the stereotype of a man is. You kind of need to act like a man… and I do.

Clutch: Does being raised by a single father help you with working with men? Having the ability to see all aspects of men, the man, the father, friend, the ladies man, all through him?
Danisha: My dad was a very great and devoted dad. As I got older I was able to connect the dots that my friends were spending the night and so were their moms and I would say, ‘that’s weird.’ Even still, my dad was very real about what men think and what men really want in terms of a woman. I fought him every step of the way…but now that I am older I understand his advice was good advice.

Clutch: Flora, you have a specialty cake and desserts shop called SweetAvenueLA. How did that come about?
Flora: Watched a TV program one day and thought ‘I can do that.’

Clutch: So you’re in the kitchen actually baking?
Flora: Actually I am. I am baking the cake, buying all the materials, doing the sculpting. There isn’t anything I can’t look at that I don’t think I cannot do. If there is something that I want and I know I can’t buy it or if I know I need it now, I’ll do it myself. I’m the type of person who wants to learn everything.

Clutch: One of your favorite quotes is ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.’ Can you expand on it a bit?
Flora: Life is unpredictable, you plan, you want to be something, you want to try and be something, and God throws you a curve and you’re like ‘yo, maybe this is you’ and every time God throws me a curve I’ll try it, I’ll do it.

Clutch: Tina, as a mother, blog diva, divorcee, stylist, producer, writer and poetess, how do you channel all this inspiration?
Tina: I think I am the complete left brainer. It’s ironic that by day I’m an accountant. I love creativity.

Clutch: An accountant! I would not have guessed. Doing that do you find yourself being a somewhat balanced person considering your work with both numbers and words?
Tina: Yes, definitely juggling two careers and a five year old. By nature I’m anal about things. That organization definitely helps me in my career. I have two screens on my desk, a report on one screen and a poem on another. People at my job have no idea what I do. They don’t even know I have tattoos.

Clutch: Tell us about The Single life with Claudia Jordan and Friends.
Tina: I love this show. I used to hate Mondays, but now I love Mondays. It doesn’t matter whose coming but that I feel good and I feel like we all learn from each other. I feel like I learn more about myself and what I want from a man and what I want from a relationship since I’ve been on the show. I feel like I’m worthy of waiting for that guy.
Flora: There’s five women here and people automatically think male bashing and nagging so we try to lose that.

Danisha: Women are complicated creatures who have all aspects of life covered.

Porscha: We are talking about real facts, we’re all single, we’re all dating, we’re all trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Why we don’t have men. A lot of women and even men can say ‘I like that show’ cause we’re not bougie, we’re not sitting there saying we’re so awesome, we’re saying what is going on. Men like women like that. Men don’t like women who are bitchy or over dramatic. That’s why men call in all the time, because we’re real women just saying what’s on our mind. We’re real woman giving a real perspective of women.

Danisha: And I love how they (men) are calling in for advice now.

Clutch: Why a show about single women dating and sex experiences and not a business show, entertainment industry or something geared towards women in power?
Porscha: It’s relatable.

Danisha: I happen to know a lot about making money. Donald Trump may know more. Maybe. I’m joking. Kinda. But honestly, is that all we are? As single independent black women, 70 percent of us are not getting married. For us, let’s really look at ourselves and our personal lives and what we are as women and not just business people.

Clutch: I’ve noticed that there aren’t many women who call in. Do you think they may find the show too open?
Claudia: We do have a lot of female fans but they hit us more on MySpace. The men are bolder and want to talk to us. I’ve had more women email me saying they cannot get in or they’ve been on hold for forty minutes. So I think it’s a misconception that women don’t get us. We had a meet and greet and it was more women there than men.

Tina: They (men) want to be heard. The women are low key with their support.

Clutch: What do you have to say to the people who find your show too risqué?
Claudia: F**k’ em, to the critics…

Tina: Put a period after that.

Clutch: With the topics you ladies discuss and the no holds story telling you all do it’s a possibility that you’ll be labeled negatively. How do you feel about those labels?
Tina: People throw labels on you regardless. Whether you’re a whore or a fireman, you’re a whore-fireman. Labels are definitely thrown when you are speaking out of what people expect you to say. What they expect you to be as a woman. They expect you to be a certain way and that’s not cool, it’s not fair.

Claudia: People need to stop being so quick to discount people and look a little bit deeper. Don’t base it on that ‘one-weekend’ in Vegas.


Clutch: What brings you all together?
Claudia: Laughter.

Danisha: We’re all open. That’s what I love. I think Claudia did an amazing job finding women who are open with their s**t. We are all open about our flaws and strengths, what we want and don’t want and we’re learning about ourselves and we’re open about that too.

Porscha: We all get to the point with each other. We’re very honest with each other in telling each other how we feel.

Clutch: What advice can you give to other groups of women who share the same qualities as you all?
Flora: Embrace everyone’s different quality. Take them onto your own by incorporating them in your life in some way. Your friends are these people for a reason. Learn how to be a better person, learn how to be a different person.

Tina: I find that in a lot of young girl groups the pretty girl latches on to the ugly girls because she wants to be prettier. We are all very independent and very confident and we’re also older. That’s why I say Porscha is very fortunate to have this group, because when I was younger I went out with girls who were very insecure and they’d be the first girls ready to leave because they’re not getting any attention and it was a lot of drama. People need to check themselves and their own insecurities and their own level of self-confidence. That’s a lot of the problems with women. We feel like somebody else is saying how I am as a woman.

Claudia: Stop being so jealous. On the outside looking in you might say wow, and then you may find something to hate on me for. You don’t know about the times my electricity and my gas were shut off and nobody would help me. You don’t know about not really having a father at home or you don’t know about the many times I’m at home crying about something, but I can’t show it because I’m supposed to be the strong chick. So when you’re jealous about someone and envy somebody you really don’t know the price they had to pay to have all of what they have. I know I got this but I have a whole bunch of that, so think about that when you’re hating on somebody and maybe you won’t be so quick to put that next woman down.

Porscha: You can’t change anybody. Don’t try to change your friends. We’re all bringing something different to the table not changing each other. We are who we are and it works.

Claudia: Those that are hating, they don’t have confidence. They need to look in the mirror or maybe go to Oprah’s school in Africa. Stop tripping. It’s really an epidemic in our community with black women. You don’t see a lot of black women hanging in mass groups. Maybe three and then when the two are together they are talking about the other one. Cut that bulls**t out.

Tina: Woman should embrace that things are not perfect.

Claudia: Stop trying to be perfect. You’re never going to get there.

Clutch: What’s to come for the ladies of The Single Life?
Claudia: I want to go back to your question why not a financial show. That is going to come. This is the beginning. I want to have an entertainment company. A bunch of projects to come that’s girl power…and black girl power. I feel the flavor of love b**ches have had the crown long enough, the buffoon crown, and we have to get rid of that s**t and show you can still have fun, clown, swear, and can say inappropriate stuff and still have gone to college, be a home owner, and still be taken seriously. No more of these one-dimensional characters on television. Why does it have to be because you’re Oprah, you can’t dance with Nelly in the club. That’s a random example, but people are multifaceted and more than one-dimensional. I refuse to be put in the box.

Clutch: What advice can you all give to upcoming businesswomen, particularly those who put their beauty before their brains?
Claudia: Don’t rely on your beauty. Throw that out of the window. When you throw it out, people find you more beautiful. Develop your sense of humor, develop your business sense, your dancing, your singing; your beauty will be like icing. I came up with a lot of models who weren’t s**t on the inside that should have been more famous, but they’re not doing anything now, because for a lot of them that’s all they put their emphasis on. I don’t know what it is but our self-esteem is f**ked up as a people. We have to be more positive to our girls and give them more positive reinforcements.

Porscha: Find something that you’re good at. What ever you do that is your niche, run with that and really develop your skills. You don’t want to have thirty skills and you’re only good at half. Take something really good and develop it really well and that will be strong talent.

Danisha: Do you and stop comparing yourself to other people.

Claudia: Throw fear out of the window.

Clutch: How long do you ladies plan on being single?
Claudia: I thought I was going to be doing someone tonight but he ain’t hit me back.

Porscha: We’re all looking for something.Tina got stood up over the weekend. She don’t want that.We don’t need to date guys who are bs-ing. We all joke about it but we’re being serious and we want the real deal.

Clutch: Claudia, I read your blog on MySpace on why you are single and I must say that the wish list is not too much to ask for. It is what most women want and how men should be? Why blog about it?
Claudia: I’ve had the most feedback on that blog. I’ve been stuck in a low self-esteem limbo for like three or four years. I’ve settled for dudes a lot and it took me getting out of my last to realize that I was really making excuses. That’s what made me write that blog. I’d give, give, give and there’s nothing left and I don’t expect s**t back. I was compared to someone on Survivor. Before you went on Survivor you’re used to getting three meals a day and then you’re only getting a crumb. That was when I came to LA. ‘He called me back after we had sex, yay.’ That’s out of the window.

Danisha: How could you not love that? That’s honest.

Tina: That’s how dudes are able to have two or three girlfriends. Chicks are settling for the simplest thing nowadays. The women take the littlest thing to make them happy so he can give a little bit here and there.

Porcha: I can’t take a crumb.

Flora: Meanwhile, we’re coming to the table as fully developed women with complete packages.

Clutch: How would you describe each other using one word?
Flora on Danisha: Force to be reckoned with.

Danisha on Porscha: Polished.

Tina on Danisha: Bougie.

Flora on Claudia: Selfless. This girl will give you the shirt off her back.

Porscha on Flora: Creative.

Danisha on Tina: Warm. It’ll mess you up to see Tina on a sad day.

Claudia on Flora: I have a few, you’re loyal but very bitter, stable but crazy, you’re like the middle child. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

Danisha on Claudia: Real.

Clutch: What’s in your Clutch?
Tina: Advil, ATM card, license, lip gloss, brush.

Flora: ID, Ipod, phone, Chap Stick.

Danisha: Business cards, American Express-Platinum, Gucci Envy, moisturizer and a pen.

Porscha: Lip-gloss, Sidekick and some left over tokens from Vegas.

Claudia: Another purse, American Express, diamond necklace, camera always, no-dose always, more diamonds, wrist band, but I didn’t need it, lots of make up and bobby pins.

You can catch The Single Life with Claudia Jordan and Friends every Monday night 7 p.m. PST and Tuesday mornings at 7 a.m. PST on the Foxxhole Sirius Radio Channel 106. You can also catch Claudia on Deal on No Deal on NBC. Check your local listings for show times.

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