newclutchlogoblackThe reality is that it’s impossible to completely eliminate all stressors from our daily lives. From the highly unstable economy and skyrocketing costs of living, to the challenges of balancing work with parenthood—as well as a myriad of cultural obstacles—it can seem as though stressful conditions are ever-present. This is precisely why we must learn how to manage the strain and pressure of our daily lives—by any means necessary. Here’s a handful of effective techniques to help you free yourself of the crippling grip of stress:

Replenish The Spirit: Ancient practices such as meditation, tai chi and yoga are extremely effective in relieving stress. The benefits from these time-tested spiritual practices help to cultivate deep relaxation, which not only helps to alleviate stress, but also provides the tools to develop a lasting, deeper sense of calm.

Move Your Body: We store so much tension in our bodies. So what better way to release all that pent up stress than kinetically? Hands down, physical activity is an optimal way to reduce stress. Activities such as swimming, dancing, walking, and of course, sex, help to release all that toxic pressure we tend to let accumulate, and fester, in our bodies.

Nourish Your Mind: Curling up with a good book, or your favorite online magazine (hint hint), not only provides a measure of comfort, but it can help you to redirect your thoughts and let go of those negative brain waves.

Get Your Laugh On: Having a good old-fashioned laugh attack is a sure fire way to eradicate stress from your being, and the best part is, it’s absolutely free! Recalling a hilarious experience or engaging in a humorous discussion can transform your state of mind for the better. Next time you have a hearty laugh, notice how much lighter you feel afterwards. Laughter is nature’s cure for tension.

Audio Therapy: Have you ever been stuck in horrendous traffic, turned on the radio or popped in your favorite CD and felt your spirits take flight? Music has a special way of making tension dissipate. Here’s a tip: Arm yourself with your very own “Relaxation Remix” full of uplifting tunes to help keep the anxiety at bay.

Embrace Wellness: Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental step towards reducing stress. This includes maintaining a wholesome, balanced diet low in sugar and caffeine, getting adequate rest, and naturally, avoiding dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Reach out and Touch Someone: Misery loves company, so resist the urge to hang up under those who tend to enhance your sense of unrest, and spend time with upbeat folks who bring out the best in you. In addition, consider volunteering what little time you may be able to spare. Let the soothing energy of generosity wash all over you.

Have Fun & Explore: Whether you take a day trip, or quit your job and go globe-trekking for a year, there’s something incredibly restorative about an adventure.

Change your frame of mind: Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. To create real change we must break the chains of our hard-wired conditioning and embrace new coping strategies. Try taking on a more optimistic, light-hearted approach towards life. Be kind to yourself. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The means of reducing stress are as unique and varied as we are as individuals. Ultimately, The key is to uncover strategies that work best for you. So create an action plan, print it out, place it in your clutch, pin it to your dashboard, and affix it to your workspace. Consistency is a vital part of creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Serenity is within your reach!

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