Aluminum is mostly known for wrapping and keeping fresh those good left over’s from last night’s dinner, but for Berlin designer Christian Werner it’s clearly for designing shoes! Sick of hearing women complain about not receiving both style and comfort when rocking heels, Werner and his industrial training created a kitchen resource that will not only garner looks but provide the best durable quality. So, their six inched wedges with leather straps, has proven to be pretty lightweight and about $4,000. I understand as women we go out our way sometimes when it comes to being a trendsetter but $4,000 is extremely steep for shoes that can slightly pass for stripper heels, LOL! You be the judge, tell us would you rock these Aluminum Zoe Heels?

For more information on the Aluminum Zoe Heels please visit www.zoe-heels.com.


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  • My answer is an emphatic no. I can’t even imagine trop-ping down NYC streets with those shoes. Girl Bye! I take the subway! A cute and futuristic look by those shoes look like they belong in a museum.

  • Goodness, no. But I’m sure we will see Victoria Beckham rocking the hell out of them in no time, because they look death-defying enough.

  • but

  • Ummm, I’m gonna have to pass on this one.

  • Teina

    Very pretty.