Sometimes a good book really is all you need. They have the power to transform, take your mind off of troubles, whisk you to fantasy lands, and even if for a mere hour, allow you peek into the intimate details of someone else’s life. So we’re saluting the authors who keep us on the edge of our seats and leave us wanting more–sharing with you our favorite scribes who put pen to paper and uplift voices for the unheard.

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  • He leaves quite succinct advice: Writers write. Everybody can talk… but let me see you write. Love it. You need that kind of edge and grind to prosper in this industry.

  • ceecee

    love Omar Tyree! his books were my intor into urban literature. Haven’t read his books in years, sad to hear he’s retiring but I’ve still got 10 or so more of his books to read.

  • ceecee

    excuse my typo, i meant to say “his books were my intro into urban literature”

  • Acosya2

    Thank God he is retiring! I have never been a fan of Mr. Tyree, I feel his novels feed into the negative mindset of young people that relationships between blinfidelityack men and women should be filled with mistrust, miscommunication, abuse, and infidelity.

  • I am interested in what Omar will do next.