1) Make sure that you have your driver’s license (or an alternative form of state-issued picture ID) and voter registration card together in your wallet/purse RIGHT NOW. You should have already checked to make sure that the information matches. You may want to bring a second form of state-issued picture ID with you to be safe as well.

2) Wear comfortable shoes.

3) Wear and/or bring a few layers of clothing. There’s no telling what the temperature will be outside or inside your polling place so plan for anything.

4) Bring a rolling backpack, book bag or small suitcase with you. You may not want to carry a bag on your shoulders for hours on end. Remember, comfort is key. Check your local regulations, however, to make sure that you can bring bags to the polling place.

5) Bring am umbrella just in case.

6) Bring a book and/or magazines.

7) Charge your cell phone/PDA tonight and bring it with you. But please don’t be one of those obnoxious people in line talking loud and for way too long. Keep your conversations classy.

8) Check today to make sure that you have enough daytime minutes on your cell phone if you don’t have an unlimited plan.

9) Bring your laptop if you feel like carrying it around.

10) Load up and charge your iPod tonight. Remember to bring it with you tomorrow.

11) Bring food and water with you. You may in line for breakfast, lunch and, God forbid, dinner, so plan whatever meals, snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic, please) you need to bring with accordingly.

12) Bring gum or mints–especially enough to share. There’s nothing worse than standing in close proximity with someone with bad breath or being that person.

13) Bring a lawn chair with you if you can. Once again, comfort is key, but also check your local rules and regulations to make sure this is permitted.

14) Make friends with the people around you in line. You’ll need them to hold your spot when you take bathroom and/or mental health breaks.

15) In the event that you are in line with people who won’t be voting for your candidate of choice, please keep your cool and the peace.

16) Please don’t get discouraged by the wait. Remember that this is bigger than you. It is critical that you vote.

17) And most importantly, VOTE OBAMA!

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