Blacks See Hope/Doubt in an Obama Victory
The prospect that in a matter of hours an African American could be elected president of the United States has triggered a complex set of emotions for many black people. For a people first brought here centuries ago in chains, thrown together by the imprecise lens of skin color and systematically subjugated long after slavery was abolished, the election presents the possibility of a monumental marker, a mountaintop reached. “It’s been a long struggle,” said Gracie Nash, 45, who grew up in West Oakland eating the free lunches provided by the Black Panther Party and is now a nurse in her hometown. She beamed as she talked. “It’s about keeping the faith.” But the possibility of a black president is happening in a nation where being black is closely linked to lesser schools, low-skilled jobs, poor life expectancy and greater chances of landing in prison. So Sen. Barack Obama’s candidacy also prompts apprehension. (Continue Reading…)

Def Jam Executive Shakir Stewart Dies from Self-Inflicted Gunshot
Just like his many friends and colleagues, the loved ones of Def Jam Vice President Shakir Stewart can’t make any sense of his death Saturday afternoon. It appears that he took his own life. On Sunday (November 2), his fiancée, Michelle Rivers, released a joint statement with the rest of his family. (Continue Reading…)

Memorial Held for Slain Hudson Family
Mourners in Jennifer Hudson’s childhood church Sunday listened as the second-grade teacher of the entertainer’s slain nephew read aloud from journals written by his classmates — including one who lamented that Julian King didn’t live long enough to become president. With three of Julian’s classmates standing by her side, Carmen Williams of Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy remembered the 7-year-old as a smart boy who liked to tell knock-knock jokes. (Continue Reading..)

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