Jesse Jackson: Obama’s Election Like Emancipation Proclamation
Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson caught the attention of television cameras on Tuesday night when he was seen in the crowd at Barack Obama’s victory celebration with tears streaming down his face. Jackson told ABC’s Robin Roberts on Wednesday morning that as he was crying, he was thinking about his father and how in World War II “they fought the Nazis in Europe and they came back home and had no rights,” about his grandmother who couldn’t read or write, and about “the martyrs” of the civil rights movement. Jackson also noted that he hadn’t gotten much sleep for the past two nights, because “it was almost like 1862, December 31, you knew the next day the Emancipation Proclamation would be signed and people couldn’t sleep.” (Continue Reading…)

NBA’s Kevin Johnson Elected First Black Mayor of Sacramento
Kevin Johnson has become the first African-American mayor in Sacramento’s history. Johnson, a former NBA star, has 58 percent of the vote to Fargo’s 42 percent with all precincts reporting. “Sacramento also made history today in electing the first African-American for mayor,” Johnson said during his victory speech at Zocalo restaurant in midtown Sacramento. “You have put me in office, we will put the mudslinging aside … let’s talk about real issues to move this city forward.” Some of Johnson’s supporters joined him onstage, including Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy and Councilmen Steve Cohn and Robbie Waters. Incumbent Heather Fargo conceded shortly after Johnson’s speech, and said she tried to reach him before he began his speech. She congratulated him on TV. Fargo, who seemed wistful about the outcome, said Sacramento has become more cosmopolitan and sophisticated. (Continue Reading…)

Assassination Fears for Obama
Hate groups believe assassinating Barack Obama can match the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre, an expert in political terrorism says. Grim fears about the safety of America’s first black president-elect continue to build, with the country’s most reviled racist group the Ku Klux Klan warning of a “race war” after Obama’s election yesterday. Monash University’s Greg Barton said: “Obama is such an iconic figure that in the perverse logic of political assassination or terror he is an immensely attractive target.” (Continue Reading…)

Obama Election Ushering In First Internet Presidency
The 2008 presidential election marked two great changes of the guard. The biggest immediate change, of course, was the election of an African-American Democrat as the next president of the United States. But perhaps a bigger change over the long term was the crowning of the Internet as the king of all political media. It was the end of the era of television presidency that started with JFK, and the beginning of the Internet presidency. (Continue Reading…)

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