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This issue represents new beginnings for Clutch and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only are we officially a bi-monthly magazine, we have launched the first blog network for African American women. The blog network serves as a daily supplement to all the things you currently love about Clutch. The blogs are:

The Edge
Entertainment news & hearsay from the fringe of mainstream culture. The Edge provides the freshest, most insightful “hip-smart” commentary of those in the know. We administer a daily dose of the most intriguing chatter about everything from your favorite personalities to rants about TV, film, music and much more.

All fashion, all the time. Stylistic is the ultimate fashion sanctuary for urban stylistas worldwide. With daily styling tips, collection reviews, looks for less and more, every feature is meant to keep Clutchette’s both fashionably self-confident and knowledgeable shoppers.

African American beauty at it’s best. Fuchsia is our beauty and hair blog that serves as a daily supplement to Clutch’s beauty department. Fuchsia features product reviews and trend reports on the latest in hair, makeup and skincare.

Poor Kid
Our children are indeed the future. Poor Kid is a daily fix for young parents balancing parenthood and life. Our parenting and family blog features tips, product reviews, advice and resource for young, hip African American parents.

We can’t thank you enough for continuing to support us. Like always, we promise to keep getting better and better. Now, go check out the new issue and the blogs! We really hope you like them. They are made especially for you.

Clutch & Lipglass,

Dede Sutton
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  • Actually, Mahogany does have a blog network called blogsbyblackwomen.com. Though really does not matter, just wanted to mention it since it was being talked about. I heart Clutch also and love this site! Really there is no need to compare because all of these sites made for us are great and as far as I can tell they all support each other and there is room for everyone. I actually found out about Clutch through Mahogany Butterfly!

  • PS, Clutch is fabulous and I really enjoy the interviews and blogs! Keep up the great work!

  • Carren

    Totally missed this – GO CLTUCH! Tess I agree – but there is a major difference. Clutch has blogs written by them and updated by them and focus on one niche. Mahogany has blogs categories that are written by their users and they direct their readers to other blogs by Black women (see the link for Afrobella and HoneyCrate those are popular blogs and are not by Mahogany – which is great but way different.

    But, I think clutch is doing what popsugar.com and gawker.com is doing – which I LOVE. Blogs all by them and not using readers and other bloggers to write content. I guess I would call what Mahogany is doing is a index for blogs by Black women.

    Congrats Clutch – and can’t wait for the new weekly schedule and blogs!