Shakara Bridgers, Jeniece Isley, and Joan A. Davis, Founders of Get ‘Em Girls Inc. and true get ‘em girls themselves, cheer for any woman who goes after what her heart most desires, even if that means that the alternative route is the only route. Getting the man of your dreams is no exception, as shown in their best-selling cookbook, The Get ‘Em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine. Dating, dinner, and delicious deserts meant to bring you closer to that special someone is only a bit of the need-to-know information you’ll find in this book. Even if you’re a rookie in the kitchen, you can still impress your target man with your culinary skills and really capture his heart through his stomach. From Simple Southern-Fried Chicken to Sticky Monkey Bread, after reading The Get ‘Em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine, you’ll see yourself that this cookbook is a true kitchen aid.

Clutch: What is a ‘Get ‘Em Girl’?
GEG: A ‘Get ‘Em Girl’ is a woman who gets what she wants in unconventional ways. She is forward thinking, smart, and savvy. We created the Get ‘Em Girls Guide for women who, like us, don’t mind going out and getting whatever it is they want—from the boardroom, to the bedroom.

Clutch: What exactly makes each of you ladies a Get ‘Em Girl?
Shakara: I don’t take no for an answer. I create my own opportunities.
Jeniece: My ability to grab life by the horns and go get whatever it is I want.
Joan: I make all my dreams become reality, with hard work and perseverance.

Clutch: How was the idea for Get ‘Em Girls Inc. born?
Shakara: The idea for the Get ‘Em Girls Guide was born because I was interested in a man and I reached out to Joan and Jeniece for help in cooking for him. So we got together in the kitchen on our free weekends and my girls help me learn how to whip up a mean macaroni and cheese recipe that ultimately led to Sunday dinners with said man.

Clutch: Let’s talk about your book, The Get ‘Em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine, Why this kind of recipe book now?
GEG: The Get ‘Em Girls’ Guide…is a right on time type of cookbook that everyone can relate to. But, it’s more than just a cookbook; it has common-sense advice on everything from dating to etiquette. We wanted a comprehensive cookbook that didn’t preach to women. We wrote the book in the same voice that we sat down with on Friday evenings with our girls.

Clutch: The names of your recipes make me so hungry. Who comes up with the delicious names?
GEG: We all do. Everything that we do is collaborative. So if Jeniece comes up with a recipe, Shakara may name it, and Joan would create the description.

Clutch: Now how can you have recipes that sound this good and be heart healthy too?
GEG: Every recipe in the book is not healthy so we suggest you indulge in some of the recipes in moderation. We are still trying to work off the weight we gained from testing all these recipes. We do have a section in the book, In Love ’N Health, with recipes for anyone watching their weight.

Clutch: Are there any recipes that hold a special place in your hearts?
Shakara: “Meet-The-Parents Carrot Cake.” My Aunt Andrea bakes a mean carrot cake. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I would travel down to North Carolina knowing that my favorite dessert would be waiting for me. We put our own Get ‘Em Girl twist on the recipe, however, it is just as great.

Jeniece: My favorite recipe is “Junior’s Shepherd’s Pie.” Junior was my father and anytime I make it I think about him. Food is a lot like music; it’s like when you hear an old track you can be transported back to that time in your life—well the same goes for a good meal.

Joan: “Shrimp and Grits.” I’m from South Carolina and I can vividly remember having this dish on the weekends. For me this dish evokes a familiar (comforting) feeling that takes me back to time spent at the table with my family in the Carolinas.

Clutch: Would any of your recipes appeal to the person with diabetes?
GEG: Absolutely, we have a menu entitled “My Suga’s got Sugar” that includes delicious diabetic-friendly recipes, including Grilled Garlic Steak, Candied Carrots that are sweetened with a brown sugar blended sweetener, and Perfectly Baked Brown Rice.

Clutch: What’s your favorite recipe and why?
Shakara: My favorite recipe is the “Sticky Monkey Bread.” It is made with dough, cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, butter and pecans. It is my favorite, because it is easy to make and impressive. A lot of people are thrown off by the name, but it is a southern dish and it is called monkey bread because you pull it apart to eat it and monkey’s pull at things too.

Jeniece: Aside from “Junior’s Shepherd’s Pie”; I’d say “Cinnamon French Toast.”

Joan: “Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze.” It’s my ultimate date dish, it’s so simple to prepare and so delicious.

Clutch: Now, some women just don’t enjoy cooking. What are some ways they can make it more enjoyable?
GEG: If you just absolutely don’t enjoy it—then don’t do it. I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t at least enjoy. Now if she thinks she doesn’t have the time then we say prep your foods when you bring them home from the groceries; use shortcuts. There are really good ones out now, and when all else fails call your girls over and make it a girls’ bite in.

Clutch: From moguls to work-at-home mamas, women are extremely busy these days. What tips can you offer to help get dinner on the table faster and without any hassle after a hard days work?
GEG: Wash and prep your vegetables ahead of time. Defrost any proteins the morning of so when you get home you can go from the fridge to the oven. Use economical and all natural substitutions whenever possible. Organic stocks, frozen chopped vegetables, and jarred tomato sauces are all items that help save time without sacrificing the taste too much.

Clutch: I see that your book also offers excellent dating advice. Did cooking scrumptious meals help you ladies win the hearts of your honeys, or are you still working on getting ’em?
Shakara: Still working! I met a great guy, but he lives on the West Coast. So it is hard for me to reel him in with my food, but being the Get ‘Em Girl that I am, I always have tricks up my sleeve (wink).

Jeniece: I got him before I knew how to boil water, learning how to cook has helped me keep him.

Joan: Still working on getting em’; not everyone is deserving of my peach cobbler!

Clutch: What does the website, GetEmGirls.com, have to offer the rest of us get ‘em girls?
GEG: The getemgirls.com website is the definitive online destination for all get ’em girls. We cover the lifestyle of a get ’em girl; because it’s way more than just cooking. A Get ’Em Girl is savvy and fabulous of course, but she also cares about her environment, her home, and her family.

Clutch: What type of festivities go down at Girls Bite OUT, and will you be adding any cities?
GEG: Our Girls’ Bite Out event was a tremendous success. It is an evening of fun, shopping, networking, eating, and we throw in an occasional cocktail or two. We will be adding dates in 2009.

Clutch: What future projects are you working on that we can we look forward to?
GEG: We recently launched our boutique catering company ,“Get ‘Em Girls’ Catering.” In May 2009, we will release the Get ‘Em Girls Guide to Planning the Perfect Get Together through Simon and Schuster. We are working on a cooking show and a non-profit organization for 2009 too.

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