I had a conversation with one of my blogging buddies regarding Senator Barack Obama being elected as the next president. She stated that she was upset because more people were happy about the fact that Barack Obama is Black than the fact that he is the better person for the job. Even though I understood her statement I think a lot of people truly don’t understand what having a Black president for America means. I honestly don’t expect everyone to understand. I also know that some people just never will and that’s fine.

Just as I told my friend, Black people in America have suffered tremendously. We have came from Jim Crow days where Blacks had to enter restaurants through the back, drink out of separate water fountains, sit at the back of the bus, and attend unequal schools to having a Black man for president. That itself speaks volumes. Blacks or people who are a part of the African Diaspora have been discriminated against worldwide. Some places it has been worse than others. For instance, look at Apartheid in South Africa or the caste system in India and some Caribbean countries. Those instances, I’ve only read about but, I’ve witnessed racism firsthand here in America. So the pain runs deep inside me. It goes beyond the stories that I was told about Medgar Evans, Emmitt Till, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and more. Those are the stories that we must not forget in addition to our own account of struggles because of the color of our skin.

The last account of Jim Crow was 1965. That was only 43 years ago. That’s the age of some of our parents, aunts, and uncles. So that was not a long time ago. So for us to ignore the fact that Barack Obama is Black is like ignoring our history, our history that took place pretty much yesterday. In honor of the many Blacks that worked hard and struggled for me to be able to witness the election that just took place, I’ll end this by saying

My president is Black and I’m proud”.

Let Us Remember and Not Forget

o Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
o Malcolm X
o Medgar Evans
o Rosa Parks
o Emitt Till
o Huey P. Newton
o Stokely Carmichael
o Assata Shakur
o Angela Davis
o Linda Brown
o Ruby Bridges
o Homer Plessy
o Dred Scott
o Nat Turner
o Harriet Tubman
o The Little Rock Nine
o Ralph Abernathy
o Ella Josephine Baker
o W.E.B. Dubois
o Fannie Lou Hamer
o And More

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