When Hollywood starlet Sienna Miller and sister Savannah Miller announced the launch of their collection Twenty8Twelve in late 2006, an apprehensive and unimpressed fashion world scoffed silently at yet another celebrity fueled label. The sisters, famed as one of Hollywood’s most quirky yet charmingly chic duos would be facing criticism from some of the industry’s harshest naysayers. And in July of 2007, as a crowd of over 600 specially invited guests attended the anticipated premiere, the girls had surprisingly and effectively pleased their critics.

For years, the sister’s shared an obsession with celebrity style. “We vote on which celebrity wore which Prada dress better, we examine their Oscar gowns with microscopes” they’ve admitted. “There’s such a lack of individuality now, what we’re trying to say is, do it for yourself!” preach the headstrong pair. A combined eye for style and with Savannah’s degree in fashion production and design experience for the legendary Alexander McQueen, the girls set out to turn their dream into a reality. Having secured the backing of Carlos Ortega, owner of denim brand Pepe Jeans, Twenty8Twelve was officially ready for production. Why endorse a brand, or pose for an ad, when you can own the company?” says the business savvy duo.

Differing in design than the celebrity threads they admittedly study for inspiration, the Twenty8Twelve collection is both wearable and undeniably trendy. “Throughout the collection we’ve really covered all different ages, all different body types. It’s really fashionable clothes for all different sorts of confident women.” Sienna tells People magazine of their formula for delivering great collections since the label’s inception. Flirty yet subtly bold, the sisters designs stay true to their own free spirited and willowy styles. Modern cuts with traditional detailing, makes the collection both feminine and powerful.

Three collections in, the sister’s have expanded their line to include a beautifully designed collection of accessories including handbags, wallets, belts and gloves crafted of crocodile and elephant skins. “We decided to add bags to the collection because it felt like a natural progression for the brand,” says Sienna.

“We just wanted to wait until we had a supplier who could deliver an affordable, good quality product so that the bags would sit in line with the rest of the collection.” Sienna tells.

To learn more about Twenty8Twelve please visit www.twenty8twelve.com.

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