You already know that I am a sucker for anything that smells good enough to eat. Something about the smell of homemade baked goods and sweet treats makes me smile. I had even more reason to smile after discovering Carol’s Daughter Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub ($34, This luxurious moisturizing body scrub is infused with real brown sugar crystals and natural, aromatic oils. The brown sugar works to polish away dead skin cells while leaving skin hydrated and soft. The sugar is a natural way to exfoliate dead skin cells, it cleans pores and moisturizes dry skin.

The scrub contains olive oil to help rejuvenate tired skin. And it also contains substantial amounts of polysaturated omega 6 fatty acids providing skin rejuvenation benefits and improving skin’s elasticity while moisturizing. Rich in protein, Vitamin E and antioxidants olive oil softens dry skin without leaving a greasy film or interfering with necessary skin functions, allowing the skin to breath and shed dead cells.

A perfect scrub that will have your skin hydrated and moisturized right away. The sweet smell is not overpowering but more like a warm greeting or like a plate of warm cookies. Your skin will look and feel better. Would also work as a great gift for someone you love!

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  • Little One

    I am a Carols Daughter fan too. Their stuff is a little pricey but we are talking about your skin and hair. So I would rather pay for top quality stuff then go the cheap route.

  • dee

    i’m all about using quality products for my skin/hair but i think there are better products on the market than carol’s daughter

  • J. Lynn

    I just ordered a hair gift set from Carol’s Daughter. I was excited because I have natural hair and heard that it was so good for our curls and kinks. However, I had a reaction like my hair was when it was relaxed. My scalp became itchy and started flaking and stinging. Needless to say, I will never be using any of their products again and will stick with Miss Jessie’s. It’s even more pricey than Carol’s Daughter but NOTHING has compared to the results that I get with them. The trick is to look at the hair of the person who creates the product. My hair is definitely dense and course like the Miss Jessie’s women. I REALLY wanted to like Carol’s daughter, but I love my scalp healthy!