• I am elated and so proud to be an American today. God created Barack Obama for exactly this purpose and I am even more inspired to fulfill my purpose no matter the obstacle or perceived boundary. We came together, prayed, kept the faith and encouraged each other. This is OUR moment in time. Let’s all be the CHANGE we want to see. I must add Shirley Chisholm to the list of ancestors who paved the way – (Chisholm for President ’72)”Unbought and Unbossed!” She is dancing in heaven today! YES, WE DID!

  • chichi


  • Kei-Kei

    November 4, 2008 was and will always be a “Beautiful Day”. I was so “Overjoyed” when Barack Obama was announced “President of the United States”. I cryed tears of joy and tears of relief. I believe that he is sincere about his promises he has made to us. I always tell my children that they can be whatever they want to be well now they know it more than ever, history has been made! I am so proud of everyone that voted especially our young people. Everyone keep Obama in your prayers.