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  • Jody

    Anytime I see one of these ‘the evil black men do’ pieces I want to vomit. Only black women feel compelled to racialize everything while the rest of the world deal with issues as gender. I dismiss it out of hand.

  • Miller

    I’m a Black male from the UK and would just like to offer some sort of explanation of, what is going through a young mans head as he puts his lips together to utter a phrase like “Ye Baby” in ear shot of a young lady he finds attractive.

    This man is hoping, and genuinely, expecting that if he Whistles at 100 honeys a day, at least 5% of them will turn around and respond to his advances possitivly that 5% of Honeys are waiting for a man to appreciate there beauty and that they have broken the ice in a “socially acceptable” way.

    ofcourse to think that this predatorial, primieval, hunteresque behaviour is “Socially acceptable” tells us one thing.

    5% of young Men are thinking with there little heads instead of there big heads.

    But please Ladies try not to be too hard on this 5% of young Men, as they usually grow up to be quite sensible and considerate members of society. I think!!!

  • Cindy

    RideABlackCowboy…you need to get a life…(And I bet your handsome black self probably has 3inch dick!….have fun with the low life while you can, loser. This sexy, black, young and educated woman prefers her REAL black man!)

  • Tracey

    I didn’t the write the description posted there. I just want to point that out because I think it colors the discussion about the intent of the piece.

    Carry on. Thanks.

  • Thanks Tracey – we will remove. When we grabbed the video, the description was listed and it stated that it was a description written by you.

    Thanks for clearing that up.