Despite the recent economic downturn and the tough times many companies are facing, there is still something to applaud – their fundamental principles on operating a business.

From setting goals to negotiating deals, their tenacity to succeed and profit is an admirable trait many of us can take notes from. Just imagine if we were to adopt a few of their valued traits such as hard work, dedication, teamwork, loyalty and commitment, into our own relationships. Picture the “employees” we would attract and the culture we could create. Don’t worry that thinking this way will take away from the “romantics of love” because business is never personal…

Consider yourself the CEO and your significant other as the President/General Manager. By respecting each other as business partners the two of you can run a thriving organization with high returns and longevity. The first step is to create a business plan outlining and setting goals. In partnering to determine what you both want and desire, you can manage expectations and communicate any differences before any problems arise. Next you must identify each of your roles and responsibilities based on your given skills and experiences. Doing this will create balance between each of your strengths and weaknesses garnering teamwork and collaboration. Once your roles have been established you can then begin to execute your plan of action and tackle the most difficult task at hand – managing the “business”.

In overseeing the day –to- day operations of your relationship there are a few corporate codes of conduct you can borrow to facilitate and create a healthy and productive environment that you both will be happy to work in:

Nonetheless, a successful business is all about relationships. If you take your relationship as serious as your business, your R.O.I. (Return on Investment) is guaranteed to make you rich in love and happiness.

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