Name: Fred
Company: F. Sly Photography
Website: www.fslyphotography.com

Clutch: When did you fall in love with photography?
F. Sly Photography: I fell in love with photography in 2005.

Clutch: What skills does one need to possess to become a successful photographer?
F. Sly Photography: You have to have a good eye. You have to be able to show every day life in a unique perspective. But it takes, more than talent; you also have to be able to market yourself.

Clutch: Thus far, what has been the most exciting shoot you have had in your career?
F. Sly Photography: So far, my most exciting shoot was for Heart and Soul magazine earlier this year. It was the first time my work was published in a print magazine. I’m hoping that was the start of things to come.

Clutch: Who are some your favorite photographers?
F. Sly Photography: Past photographers that I look up to are Gordon Parks, Ansel Adams and Herb Ritts. If I had to choose a current photographer it would be Russell James.

Clutch: What type of camera (s) do you use and why?
F. Sly Photography: Right now I’m using a Nikon D200, I’m trying to work my way up to the D3. I prefer the Nikon brand because I feel that they not only have superior cameras, but more importantly, they have the best lenses on the market. A lot of people think that having a top of the line camera is most important, but really the lens that you use is more important.

Clutch: If fashion photography your passion?
F. Sly Photography: Yes — fashion photography is my passion. I hope someday I can be mentioned as one of the top fashion photographers in the world.

Clutch: What’s next for you?
F. Sly Photography: Hopefully, I can find an agency that’s willing to represent me and who’s willing to help get me noticed. In the meantime I’m just going to continue to produce quality work. So stay tuned…

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