Will Smith rolling out low-profile Oscar bid
Will Smith’s new drama “Seven Pounds” is rolling out to tastemakers ahead of its December 19 release, having largely flown below blogger radars until now. Smith’s role in the Sony film, as an Internal Revenue Service functionary who mysteriously drops into the lives of strangers in an apparent bid to help them, comes in a movie steeped in melancholy. That makes the drama an anomaly: It features the world’s biggest movie star in a film that also is one of the season’s most serious. There are grace notes about penance and sacrifice, but this isn’t Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire.” (Continue Reading…)

The Cult of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate
With this ad running in the Chicago Tribune “respectfully requesting” that President-Elect Obama release his original birth certificate into the hands of anonymous internet “experts” to verify its authenticity, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at the instantaneous buzz happening throughout the blogosphere. We’re all such suckers for melodramatic climax. And conspirators like “We The People Foundation” chairman Bob Schulz are such suckers for their recognition. After reading this brief Q&A between he and AOL’s Political Machine, one can’t help but start thinking about the bigger picture of this whole state of affairs. Is this really about upholding The Constitution? Or are these just pious claims made to keep a candidate that these fringe few did not choose out of the White House? (Continue Reading…)

Teacher Under Fire for Misguided Slavery Lesson
An upstate New York school teacher had some serious explaining to do on Thursday after it was learned she taped the hands and feet of two black students and forced them to crawl under a desk during a history lesson on slavery. Christine Shand told The Journal News her daughter, Gabrielle, came home from Haverstraw Middle School on Nov. 18 visibly upset and later burst into tears. Gabrielle told her mother the teacher, who is white and identified as “Mrs. Bernstein,” bound her and another student’s hands and feet and made them get into the uncomfortable positions as part of a lesson on what it must have been like for slaves brought over by boat from Africa. (Continue Reading…)

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