NAACP gives a stern warning to TV
On the heels of issuing a critical report about Hollywood’s minority hiring, the president of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People threatened the entertainment industry Thursday with unspecified political actions if it did not increase diversity. “At a time when the country is excited about the election of the first African American president in U.S. history,” said Benjamin Todd Jealous, who was appointed in May to head the civil rights organization, “it is unthinkable that minorities would be so grossly underrepresented on broadcast television.” The statement came shortly after the organization’s Hollywood bureau released a 40-page report called “Out of Focus, Out of Sync — Take 4” that found blacks and other minorities continue to be underrepresented in “nearly every aspect of the television and film businesses.”(Continue Reading…)

Jermaine Dupri: Janet ‘Not Pregnant’
The nonfather has spoken. Jermaine Dupri has taken to his punctuation-eschewing blog to deny rumors that he and longtime love Janet Jackson have broken up and that the pop diva is pregnant, as she was so labeled by a recent magazine cover. “As you all know Janet is a very private person the only reason you see her as much as you do on my YouTube vlog is because of me LOL,” Dupri wrote (in all caps, incidentally). “But I hear yall and your questions. So hear you have it… No she is not pregnant and yes we’re still together.” (Continue Reading…)

Obama and the Politics of Being Biracial
President-elect Barack Obama defines himself as African-American. His mother is a white American, and his father is a black African. This hits a nerve with some people, who wonder why Obama doesn’t use the term biracial to describe his race. (Continue Reading…)

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