MTV Rolls Out ‘Daddy’s Girls’ in January
Vanessa And Angela Simmons Head For L.A. In Daddy’s Girls MTV’s Run’s House has been on the air for five seasons and now, two members of the Simmon’s family are breaking away from the pack. MTV’s upcoming reality series, Daddy’s Girls will follow Rev Run’s daughters Vanessa and Angela as they leave home in New York to move out to Los Angeles. Viewers will get to see how the two girls manage on their own. Well, not entirely on their own. Their friend Alicia and cousin Jessica will be coming along for the ride. (Continue Reading…)

Cholera Kills 1,518 in Zimbabwe’s Biggest Outbreak
Cholera has killed 1,518 people in Zimbabwe’s biggest outbreak of the disease, the World Health Organization said. The fatality rate from the 26,497 cases reported by Dec. 25 was 5.7 percent, higher than the 1 percent that is normal in large outbreaks, the Geneva-based organization said in a statement on its Web site. Cases are now being reported from all 10 of Zimbabwe’s provinces, WHO said. (Continue Reading…)

Web Site Uses MLK Name to Attack Him
Type the name “Martin Luther King” into the popular Google Internet search engine, and find a surprise: among the expected university and newspaper links, one site — the third highest ranked link — stands out. It attacks the personal life of the slain civil rights leader and, by extension, the movement of nonviolence he championed. It rehashes allegations of plagiarism and adultery and accuses King of fraud, claiming he was not a “legitimate reverend” or “bonafide Ph.D.” It also invites visitors to learn about civil rights by reading the work of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. (Continue Reading…)

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