Q: My office manager keeps the heat in our office on full blast in the winter and as a result my skin feels like leather by the end of the December. What products can I use to keep my skin hydrated in indoor heat?
Nothing dries your skin faster then a tanning bed or indoor heat. It’s like blow-drying your skin with the heat on high. Plus offices tend to have low humidity, which leaves skin chapped, dry and irritated. The trick is replenishing the moisture in your skin with a nourishing crème. Goat Milk Facial Crème by Chivas Skin Care is the perfect product for all day hydration ($16, chivasskincare.com). This fragrance free goat milk crème is 82% Organic and fragrance free making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. It is super light but ultra hydrating. The crème goes on smooth and uses natural ingredients like goat’s milk, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and organic aloe juice to moisturize skin throughout the day. A perfect solution for indoor heating dryness.

Q: Is there any anti-wrinkle product that really works?
The market is flooded with products that claim that they will have your skin looking like a newborn babies in two weeks. And if their claims were true I would buy enough of those creams to fill my living room. But there are creams on the market that do what they say and really deliver. The trouble is trying to find which creams work and which are selling you dreams. Let me help you just a little bit. I recently heard about two new products that help increase skins elasticity and firmness. Relastin makes a skin crème called the Skin Revitalizer ($69, relastin.com). It is a skin firming lotion that works through all seasons, for all skin types, day or night, for all skin types. Using Relastin’s Skin Firming Complex, Skin Revitlzaer helps skin’s cells to produce elastin and restore elasticity on their own. Skin is left looking firmer, smoother and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The other product is Borba Age Defying Concentrate Açaí Elastin Fiber Treatment Serum ($45, borba.com). It is enriched with a highly concentrated dose of skin-rejuvenating nutrients plus Heptapeptide-1. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin. BORBA Age-Defying Concentrate Açaí Elastin Fiber Treatment Serum is an innovative antioxidant facial serum that provides moisture, elasticity and firmness to the skin. Reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in newer looking skin.

Q: I have a huge holiday party at work and I want to look like a knockout. I have no idea how to do eye makeup. Help?
No need to worry. Well maybe about your promotion but not about your eye makeup. ColorOn’s EyeEnvy Tinsel Kit ($25, sephora.com) will make getting your face ready for the holiday party an cinch. Really the hardest part will be deciding what color to wear. This revolutionary, one-size-fits-all mineral cream eye shadow appliqués kit does the rest.

The Tinsel Kit features five pairs of peel-off mineral cream eye shadows. They are 100% hypoallergenic, longwearing, crease proof and can be put on in minutes. . With stunning colors and avant-garde designs, these appliqués fit every eye size and shape and can be applied in minutes. And the Tinsel Kit is packed with festive shadows and fun shapes (like a star). The kit also comes with GetSet application powder and brush. You will be party ready in no time.

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