Every year I debate with myself whether or not I am game for taking the five hours and thirty minutes drive down to Georgia to be with my family and friends.

And every year, I pull myself and a week’s worth of my belongings together and I make the trip. Since I am driving, it is pertinent that I am packed and ready to go the night before. I do all of this and I usually forget one or two small items, but nothing that would really harm my visit because I was reluctant in bringing them along. This year, I am more excited than years past because there are more babies added to my family and among my friends. My uncle has a new baby girl and I am more than ecstatic to meet, greet, and shower her with kisses. My close friend (of 13 years) has twin girls and this trip will make my second visit with them. They will be one the beginning of next year and I seriously feel as if I am missing out on the vital happenings in their lives. But, I will make the best of this Christmas trip, I assure you that.

The drive home is what I would call a boring yet captivating thing. It is often boring because I feel as though it is too long of a drive. I find it captivating because there is so much to see. I am never alone on the road, even when I have managed to make it out of my apartment before the sun rises; several hundred people have this same idea so they crowd the highways with me as we trek along to our respective destinations. I fill my CD visor with all of my favorite artists so that I may have some inspirational and uplifting music to keep me afloat. If you are driving down the highway along-side of me, you are sure to see me bumping my entire body (so it seems) to the sounds of Common, Les Nubians, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Sade, Jill Scott, Earth Wind, & Fire, and many more. Constant music makes my traveling adventure seem less of a bore. With the changing of each CD, hours pass and before you know it I arrive to my destination tired, sleepy, and ready to locate the nearest bathroom.

This year, I have made it a point to stay with my father, stepmother, and baby sister. I have also stated to one of my close friends (the mother of the twins mentioned above) that I will spend a night at her place. I have also given word to my Godmother that she and my God-sister will definitely see me for more than two hours which means that I may have to spend a night with them as well. This is how my visits home usually end up. I act as a piece of fruit in which those close to me are issued slices of my sweetness to satisfy and sustain them. I find myself running around like a chicken with my head cut off and instead of vacating, I come back to North Carolina feeling more exhausted than the day I left. But, with all of my planning, visits to nearly all of my family members, and splitting my time up with each of them by resting at their homes on designated nights, I would not trade the experience. The time I get with each person no matter how little it is moves me in a way that is indescribable. When I left Georgia, I knew that it was the one thing I wanted to do since graduating high school. When I return each time, I am reminded why I made this choice, but seeing my family, my friends, and sharing openly the love we have for each other is seriously icing on the cake.

If you will be heading home for the holidays whether it is by train, plane, car, or any other method of transportation, it is my wish that you make it home and back safely. I also offer you my sincere understanding for those of you who will have to endure a severe storm within your family before the calm comes along (we have all had holidays like these). But most importantly, I hope each of you enjoy being with your family, friends, and spending your time catching up with all things old, new, or in between. Happy Holidays Everyone! Peace~

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