If you are like me, an undercover nerd disguised by a chic fashion sense and outgoing personality, you will agree that there’s nothing like a man who uses big words and who rambles on and on about economics and politics. Oh how my skin tingles over private equity and constituency discourse!

Unfortunately, however, our male “geekquals” are sometimes intimidated and deter from approaching us. So, what do we do? Clutch is offering tips to our gamers, techies, book warms, scholars… “nerds” on how to grab a sista’s attention.

Here’s my pick of, who some may consider “nerd,” but who we LOVE anyway.
TJ Holmes — TJ Holmes is a CNN news anchor currently on the morning weekend edition of CNN Newsroom. Okay, okay. So, TJ isn’t really a nerd, but his profession as a journalist covering an array of interesting topics is indeed taxing, and the man is far more than eye candy. Check him out here, www.cnn.com/CNN/anchors_reporters/holmes.t.j..html.

Have these tips worked for you? Come share with Clutch readers or email us at: [email protected].

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