Video Editor’s Letter: #001

* Sorry about the slowness of the video – for some reason my video program on my mac made it go slow-better quality next time — promise!

FYI: Over the next few days the site will change up a bit due to us still tidying up and making additional changes. Thanks for your patience!

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  • liz

    Dede you are brilliant and beautiful! I found your video through a blog that mentioned that you were the one who was in charge of Clutch. Even though others like MAD who sadly seem to get the shine for it. Step up and shine YOUR talents my dear, you have so much to say and offer us! Congrats on 2 years!!!!!!!

  • a.c. workman

    Dede! Love this idea. Soooo CLUTCH. And, love being able to see you in person…well….in webcam! It’s hella noisy in my apartment, so I can’t hear what you’re saying completely, but it’s just good to hear your voice. Thanks for everything, sis.


  • African Mami

    Nice to put a face to the name!!! You and your team are doing a great job….