sasha-fierce-in-elle-magazi By now, most of you have already snatched up a copy of Beyonce’s third – and double platinum – album entitled I am… Sasha Fierce. You’re also probably hooked on some of its chart topping songs that continue to dominate our radio airwaves like Halo and Diva. Yet unlike her previous two album releases, I am… Sasha Fierce, is a collaborated double disc compilation shared by not only Beyonce’ but also her feisty, yet well known alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Many people have been wondering, who is Sasha Fierce? But those who don’t live under a rock and aren’t afraid to delve even further are questioning the hidden meaning behind some of those fierce and unforgettable lyrics that Ms. Sasha Fierce keeps shouting?

Welcome to Sasha Fierce 101, where I’m giving you a breakdown on the lowdown within some of the interesting quotes you just can’t seem to stop singing. We call these Sasha Fiercisms, so get out your pen and pad and prepare for this short lesson. Here’s my personal translation on some of the interesting lyrics that reside in three of the songs on the Sasha Fierce side of the I am… Sasha Fierce album.

Video Phone: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/jameelal/playlists/261309/2448773.mp3]

“I like how you approach me, fresh white with your pants hanging grown man low.”

– I know it’s after Labor Day, but when it comes to wearing white, you’re the finest exception. Boo, it looks like you’ve never been to prison, cause your jeans are carefully buckled above your knees, just how I like it. Hmmm.

“Everything you saying sounding good to me, no need to convince me anymore.”

– Persistence is key, but Boo “You had me at hello.”

“Swag up it’s right, one blade it’s tight.”

– Your steez is razor sharp baby, and I dig the heck out of your style.

“If it’s gonna be you and me, when I call they better see me on your video screen.”

– Once I give you a sample, don’t even try to deny me or hide me or we ‘gon have problems brotha! Straight up. I better be posted up in your phone like a billboard, so the Also Rans* can see who officially won the race! Yesssirr.
* During a race there are winners and losers. You got the person who takes home the first place prize, and then you have the rest of the competitors who lost, yet Also Ran the race. You dig?

Diva: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/jameelal/playlists/261309/2448759.mp3]

“Na Na Na… Diva is a female version of a hustla.”

– Just cause I menstruate, don’t mean I ain’t running this here camp, ya heard?

“Fifty million round the world and they said that I couldn’t get it, I done got so sick and filthy with benji’s I can’t spend.”

– I know you suckers underestimated my ability, but if you have anymore questions just let my network speak for me. Let me introduce to half a million Benjamins. “Can you hear me now?” I’m secure just like Verizon.

“When he pull up, wanna pop my hood up, bet he better have a six pack in the cooler.”

– Listen Boo, my lovin’ requires an audition. If you’re coming up short, don’t even bother attempting.

“If you ain’t getting money then you ain’t got nothing for me.”

– Look honey, even if you’re only running a lemonade stand out of Cabrini Green, I’m thirsty for that paper! You better start cutting more lemons or I’ll start drinking Kool-Aid.

“Where yo boss at?”

– I’m bilingual in mucho dinero and if you aren’t fluent in Mr. Benjamin, then I’d like to speak to someone who is. So I’m gon’ ask you again, where’s your boss at?

Ego: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/jameelal/playlists/261309/2448801.mp3]

“It’s too big, It’s too wide, It’s too strong, It won’t fit, It’s too much, It’s too tough, He talk like this, cause he can back it up. He got a big ego, such a HUGE ego, I love his BIG ego.”

In scientific terms: This man has an abnormally large reproductive organ, that is generally too sizable, both lengthwise and girth to be tolerated and pleasurable for the average woman to enjoy unless she’s heavily lubricated and inebriated during every waking moment.

Keepin’ it real: Jay-Z’s not your average ball player, he’s an official MVP! Beyonce’s got the only “good good” in the world that can truly handle his slam dunk, so when he’s drilling through her court, he hits nothing but net. Swish.

“Usually I’m humble, right now I don’t choose. You can leave with me or you could have the blues. Some call it arrogant. I call it confident. You decide, when you find out what I’m working with.”

– If Willy Wonka really had a Chocolate Factory, well then baby I’d be that Golden Ticket. So if you wanna satisfy that sweet tooth, then you better come and get this, or take some insulin baby, cause without me, that’s all that can save you.

“I got every reason to feel like I’m that bitch.”

– Listen baby, there’s a million women in the universe, but they’re rotating around me at the center. Catch me on the cover of Vogue, or visit Forbes.com and check into my credentials.

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