womenentrepreneur2From a very early age, most girls are bombarded with beautiful dolls. They learn to care and support their siblings and family. I am not saying that this is wrong; yet, I am recognizing these early roles equip women with some characteristics that can help us manage businesses.

Girls learn to care, make friends and use their intuition to protect them from danger. They are taught to cook dinner while listening to the details of their partner’s workday. In essence, they learn the roles of being a multi-tasking caregiver. Our families have taught us well!

The most powerful advantage that women have is the development of our “intuition muscle.” And this is the most important skill for many successful entrepreneurs – following their gut instinct. You’ve got an idea, nobody believes in you, people try to reason with you and stop you from doing it. Yet, you ignore all the naysayers and move ahead, following your instinct. (Continue Reading…)

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