tag-heuer-lewis-hamilton2Lewis Hamilton Spanish Grand Prix Racism Claims to Be Investigated
The stigma of racism returned to formula one after a fan with a blacked-up face in imitation of world champion Lewis Hamilton was filmed at the Spanish Grand Prix. Pictures show a man with a blacked-up face, arms and hands, wearing a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes t-shirt and holding a Formula One style steering wheel among Spanish supporters at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. They come after a similar incident during a test session at the same circuit caused an international storm in February last year. An FIA spokesperson said: “We are aware of it and we are looking into it.” (Continue Reading…)

Zimbabwe Unity Government Nears 100 Days in Power
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai addresses Zimbabwe’s parliament on Tuesday as the unity government nears 100 days in power, with analysts saying little has changed in the daily lives of citizens. Tsvangirai took office alongside long-ruling President Robert Mugabe on February 11 in a power-sharing pact tasked with steering Zimbabwe back to stability after disputed elections last year plunged the country into crisis. Under the fledgling government’s watch, multi-million dollar credit lines have been secured to rebuild the shattered economy and the International Monetary Fund has said it will resume technical assistance to Harare. (Continue Reading…)

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