84440849If you are daring enough of a dame to do it, stepping out to the strip club can be a lot of fun. If you’re more of the, “I’ll be damned if I do”, you’d be surprised to know that most of the clubs these days aren’t filled with men, but with women. The glamour of the nudie bar as popularized in many a video “club” scene from some of hip-hops finest has really caught on with groups of young mostly straight women who are looking for an alternative to a traditional bar scene.

For a group of gals really just looking for a good time, there are major benefits to hitting up the strip. At the strip club there are already women naked, so no one is pushing up on you. Nine times out of 10 all your drinks and lap dances will be free courtesy of the other men on site who are duly impressed you and your crew are there. In return you will get better lap dances, since women will politely keep their hands off the merchandise and the working girls would rather dance for you than the boys. Lastly, the one place you don’t have to fear meeting a brother on the DL is the strip club. We all know gay men hate fish.

I can personally say I enjoy the strip club. I’ve been with the hubby. I’ve been to more than one birthday party for a lady friend at the club. The draw for me truly isn’t the women, but the atmosphere. It’s a party and anything goes. Everyone is onsite just to have a good time, and for the dancers, a lot of money. It has very little to do with your sexual orientation, in fact it is straight women who can get the most out of a trip to strip because we are genuinely there to have some very titillating fun.

There is an obvious curiosity about the club scene that is intriguing even the most chaste broad. I have had one than more unsuspecting girlfriend, show me her pop up pole, invite me to a strip tease “workout class” and chide me for my refusal to dance seductively for my man. (I’m not sexy enough to dance and as far as I’m concerned there are women who do this professionally. Pay them.) So why are these things good, club bad?

There is a very real performance aspect to what happens in the club. For the judgmental its easy to castigate these women as nasty girls. But, like anything else in our capitalistic society supply will always meet demand, and while men may have built the industry that fostered the exotic dance industry, more and more women are opening their minds not to just drop in and see for themselves, but taking advantage of how liberating it can feel to take a whirl around the pole. Women as a whole are becoming increasingly at ease with the idea of not only going to the strip club, but the idea of stripping themselves.

Why is the strip club something to fear? These same women don’t want to see their own daughter on the pole, but have no problem spinning around one at home.

Recently, I caught this conversation on the radio, a wife was saying she would actually leave her husband if she caught him in the club. Another said she was up in the club learning the moves so she could keep her man. Why is the strip club something to fear? These same women don’t want to see their own daughter on the pole, but have no problem spinning around one at home.

If it’s not for you, by all means stay away, but don’t dictate the reasons why anyone else should or shouldn’t be spending their time or money there. It’s ridiculous and naive to act as if they don’t exist and then condemn them because they do.

I’ve had more than one friend strip their way through college. These women are less exception more rule and in this horrid economy I’m not mad at anyone who wants to shake a tail feather and head home with $1500 at the end of the night. More so, I’ve had female colleagues come into town and straight up ask me where the nearest panty bar was because if nothing else the strip club is a good exhilarating time. If you have never been it is worth it just to say you did, and if you’re in Atlanta, I have a number of favorable recommendations.

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