Shari Gray and Daughter - Owner of Shree Moni

As an emerging footwear designer, Shäri Gray already understands so much of what we women desire in the ideal shoe. She knows how important the shoe is in making a woman feel divine. She caught on to the fact that we love a high heel, and that if designed just right, it’ll help us to exude “blossoming femininity and perfect splendor.” She’s aware of our desire to feel like we’re living the glamorous life, without having to spend an entire paycheck on a single pair of show-stopping pumps. And, of course, she knows that we demand comfort and quality if we’re going to be able to maintain our signature struts throughout the day and night. Knowing all this, its seems quite evident that Ms. Gray’s collection, Shree Moní, will soon become a favorite for us all.

For Spring 2009, Shäri welcomes us into the fairytale land of Shree Moní footwear. The current collection, “Spring in Paris”, pays homage to the “City of Lights” by drawing design inspiration from the many architectural landmarks that have continued to make Paris a dream destination. With 18 new styles crafted from only finest imported materials and embellishments, the line is definitely a sight to see!

We were able to catch up with the designer, who gave us more insight into the line and her journey into the fashion industry…

CLUTCH: What inspired you to construct a shoe line?
Shäri Gray: I saw a void in the market for quality/ high- fashion shoes for the everyday woman at an attainable price point, so I st arted to conceptualize the line in early 2007. My goal was to design a shoe with a high fashion, avant-garde flair. I used vivid colors and creamy pastels, while mixing in exotic leathers and textured materials topped with intricate detail. I wanted to provide a collection that exudes exclusivity and unconventional taste.

C: Who were you in your former life?
SG: A song writer/ music connoisseur, with a love for music, art and traveling the world. As a songwriter who always had a passion for shoes, I saw first hand how music and fashion collided. I was inspired not only by the people I worked with, but also by the sound they created. Some of my projects included working with Mario, Letoya Luckett, and Christina Milian. Music evokes different emotions just like color. It’s weird, when I heard music and wrote songs – I saw color. The colors I visualized gave me inspiration on what hues of color I should implement in my collections.

C: Explain the Shree Moní line.
SG: It was important for me to recapture femininity within footwear. I feel that women have such a presence and an undeniable aura, just like a well-crafted shoe. The intricate details of shoe design mimic the femininity of the woman with its form, poise, curve and silhouette. These characteristics are celebrated in the Shree Moni collection. As a company we understand that shoes have their own existence just like the women wearing them.

C: What is the Shree Moní signature?
SG: Never compromising the integrity of the product, we utilize only the finest in production and materials to create timeless designs. Our collection is filled with baby kid leather imported from Italy, leather soles, Swarovski Crystals, paved wood, matured suede, and our signature heel bridges. Enjoy….

For more information on Shree Moní, and to pre-order designs from the “Spring in Paris” Collection, please visit www.shreemoni.com.

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