tm20headshot He’s worked on major projects with some of the major players behind some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He’s only 30 years old. Publicity artist Troy Monaco got his start writing bios and updating the resumes of his artist and actor friends. Hearing and writing about the experiences of others in the entertainment industry sparked his interest in all things entertainment related and eventually put him on the path to a career in public relations. After earning a degree in Marketing and Internet & eCommerce, he went on to doing on-air promotions at Toronto’s urban radio station FLOW 93.5. Working the Toronto nightlife scene eventually paved the way to his move to New York City, and after several years of working in Public Relations in NYC, he’s currently working both independently and as PR Director for MEGA Management. Clutch caught up with the public relations expert to catch up on all he’s doing and where he sees the field heading.

Clutch: What would say is the hardest part of your job?
Troy Monaco: Always having to describe what a publicist does and then going through the questions and comments about how much fun my job must be and what celebrities have I met. People tend to see only the glamorous side, not the long hours or the constant need to be detailed oriented and focused.

Clutch: What do you love/hate most about it?
Troy Monaco:
Love: Hearing how happy my clients are with the results.
Hate: Dealing with people/businesses that do not understand the importance of following up.

Clutch: Take us through a typical day in the life of Troy Monaco.
Troy Monaco: Coffee or green tea (coffee if I need a kick start, green tea if I need to de-stress), turn on CNN, check email/PDA, follow up emails/calls, press outreach, new prospect research, various daily client calls, check event calendar for special events to accompany clients for networking and light socializing (events are always business never personal).

Clutch: What would you say to someone interested in pursuing a career in PR?
Troy Monaco: The most important things you have in this business are your name and your contacts. Handle with care. Why? Your name is your business card in this field, and as for your contacts, it’s easier to lose a great contact than to find one.

Clutch: Aside from your work, what else do you enjoy doing?
Troy Monaco: Travel (collecting stamps in my passport!) Next stop Dubai and Hong Kong.

Clutch: Any thoughts/ideas on what the future holds for your field?
Troy Monaco: The possibilities are endless! With the advent and rise of new media technology, online social networking and content sharing, the ability access to information in the 21st century is now directly at your fingertips. Past models of news and media sharing have shifted dramatically from print publications (newspapers and magazines) to web portals, SMS messaging and networks (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, text messaging, and a variety of file sharing applications). We can now self publish, broadcast and disseminate information in real time and with a much higher refresh rate — no more waiting for your favorite magazine subscription to show up in the mail or for the 6 o’clock news.

Clutch: Where do you see yourself in a few years?
Troy Monaco: I’m currently working on a new venture in Toronto called RSVP, a Brand Strategy and Communications Firm committed to connecting the urban entertainment and lifestyle industries in Toronto to the US and Internationally. Consider RSVP as the new arrival hub for Toronto – the next great metropolitan destination and playground for those who enjoy pursuits in lifestyle, culture and the entertainment industry.

For more info on Troy Monaco follow him on Twitter: www.twitter.com/troymonaco

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