78767001028811. I recently moved to a more humid climate to take a new job. All though my bank account looks better my skin looks worse. It always feels sticky and gross. Any good cleansers you can recommend?
Well congratulations on the new job and I am sorry to hear about the skin issues. Humidity can do a real number on your skin. The combination of heat and moisture can clog pores, cause breakouts and leave skin looking like an oil slick. You need a product that clean skin and leave it refreshed. I highly recommend Lush Dark Angel ($10.95, lushusa.com). Don’t let its appearance fool you this powerful cleanser works great on oily or problem skin. It’s got a natural, anti-bacterial cleanser in the form of Rhassoul mud and it uses powdered charcoal to absorb oil as it gives you a good scrub. Dark Angels is balanced by soothing rosewood and sandalwood essential oils to help keep your skin soft. It is the perfect solution to cure that “dirty” feeling humidity can leave on your face.

aaaaamo8rteaaaaaaohycq2. I have come to accept that my imperfections aren’t going anywhere but do you have any products that might help them not be so noticeable?
Too bad there wasn’t a magic cream that in one application gave you Hale Berry perfection. But alas us mere mortals will have to make do with some pretty magic like potions that help reduce the appearance of our flaws. Which is a good second option to the Halle Berry cream.

7811-2tPerfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel is the perfect solution for those who want to soften the appearance of body imperfections ($48, sephora.com). It is a body perfection gel with hyaluronic filling spheres, ceramides and shea butter. The smooth glimmer gel leaves the skin hydrated, firm, supple and with a sun-kissed glow. Skin from head to toe will appear healthier, sexier and more toned. Its like a body lift in a bottle. A great product to use before you slide into that sexy dress or itsy bitsy bikini.

Another solution can be found in the high tech HD-Illuminating Light Effects Serum by Borba ($50, borba.com) This powerful cream-serum formula is designed with advanced high definition (HD) Plasma Technology and Prismatic Micro-Diamonds. The result is skin that is illuminated and radiant. The formula evens your skin’s tone to instantly diminish the appearance of imperfections almost immediately. Meanwhile ingredients such as Kojic Acid, stabilized Vitamin C and Hexapeptide-8 effectively fight premature signs of aging. Your skin will look younger, brighter and more flawless.

marula-oil-treatment3. My hair always gets super dry in the summer. Any suggestions on keeping my hair healthy during the hottest months?
It’s no wonder why I get this question every summer. Between the heat, ponytails, chlorine, salt water and the sun people find the summer months to be some of the most brutal months for hair. Your hair is really vulnerable during this time and so it’s important that you take extra steps in order to keep it healthy and looking its best. You need to make sure that you are replenishing the moisture it’s losing. One way to do that is with a regular oil treatment. Motions Marula Natural Therapy Strengthening Thermal Oil Treatment is a simple but really effective oil treatment that is natural ($6.39,sold at drugstores nationwide check motionshair.com for one nearest you). It is fortified with shea butter and honey to infuse hair and scalp with the moisture you have lost. All you have to do is apply it when your in the shower and let it do its thing. It works with the heat in the shower to replenish dry, damaged hair. Your hair will be more hydrated and look healthier.

4.Is there any way to get department store quality products at a drugstore price?
Yes. There are several companies that make products that rival those more expensive brands sold in high-end departments stores. You have trusted brands like CoverGirl and Max Factor making products that follow two of the hottest trends going right now, high tech and natural. And you have lines like New York Color that consistently put out amazing colors for a bargain. Three of my favorite recent drugstore priced products are:

200MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Extreme Waterproof Lash Plumper ($11.19, drugstore.com) The 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper is the fusion of science and beauty at its best. The fat-inject formula of the mascara and the extreme brush plump every single lash from root to tip perfectly. The mascara adds volume evenly, defines lashes and doesn’t clump better then high end versions I have tired.

tn_562New York Color City Duet Eyeshadow ($2.99, newyorkcolor.com for store nearest you) It doesn’t get much simpler then this adorable set of two perfectly coordinated, ultra silky textured shadows. You would think for how cheap the set is that the color wouldn’t be smooth but these colors are super smooth and provide just enough pigment. And if that wasn’t enough they have included a dual ended applicator.

200-1TRUblend Microminerals Blush by CoverGirl ($11.49, Drug and Retail Stores Nationwide) Mineral makeup is all the rage and CoverGirl adds their mineral products into the competition. And this blush is a strong contender for the prize of best mineral blush. It gives skin a healthy-looking flush of colour that looks totally natural. TRUblend Microminerals is great for your skin and is soft. Plus it comes with its own brush.

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