293fosterushercm010109Usher Seeks Joint Custody, Detective Reports in Divorce
Tameka Raymond very well may have been a loyal wife. Just not since last summer. According to divorce documents filed by Usher on Friday and obtained today by E! News, the couple has been separated since July 2008—meaning that while he is seeking a divorce nearly two years after getting married, he and his estranged missus logged a mere 11 months together as husband and wife (loyal or otherwise) before going their separate ways. “The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,” read the documents, filed in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court. “There is no reasonable hope of reconciliation.” That’s one opinion. Wonder what the detectives apparently hired to trail the singer think… (Continue Reading…)

Obama Becomes Symbol of Hope for Single Black Women
Monica Weeks has met many men, but at age 51 she says she still hasn’t found her “Barack.” Among Weeks and her friends, U.S. President Barack Obama’s name has become shorthand for a black man with integrity, character and spirituality, one who loves and values his wife and makes his family a priority – in other words, the kind of man that many black women had despaired of finding. Weeks said probably every single woman she knows is looking for her “Barack.” “He absolutely makes me think it’s attainable,” said Weeks, a divorced mom in Somerset, N.J. “For women who are older and seeking a man, I think we can look at him and say, ‘All is not lost.”‘ (Continue Reading…)

Police Draw Guns on Men Opening Bank Account
Oops. The men who were targeted by police called it “racial profiling” and a police over-reaction. The two were apparently trying to open an account, but employees thought they appeared suspicious and called police. A bank employee said there is no security at the branch, which is across from the Old Orchard Mall. After police surrounded the bank, both men surrendered. One man left the bank with his arms up, while the other sat on the sidewalk with two officers pointing machine guns at him. The men had no weapons. After checking out the men’s story, Skokie police shook hands with them and let them go on their way. (Continue Reading…)

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