michael-2-500What do you say to the world when you lose one of the most important notes to life’s historic soundtrack? How do encourage a promising tomorrow when a part of your musical heart has lost their battle for today?

As my fingers carefully embrace these keys, my mind is without consciousness, my heart has gone low key and the reality is sinking in… Michael Jackson has just died.

Yesterday, June 25, 2009 at 12:21 p.m. a 911 call was made and soon after Jackson was rushed to a UCLA hospital with no pulse suffering from cardiac arrest. After several attempts from paramedics and hospital staff to revive him, the Icon was later pronounced dead.

At first word of this news, like most of you I dared not believe it’s authenticity. Michael Jackson is a part of our history, and quite like my own family I never expected his star to ever fade away.

Yet as with all things in life, death is a promise before dying, quite like life is a guarantee for those willing to live. In truth, we all have sand in a predetermined hourglass that carries our legacy from conception down to the last grain fallen. No matter the date, or the dawn of your last sunrise, life up until your final sunset reflects the glorious road taken that led you onward towards your defining midnight.

Michael Jackson’s sheer devotion to the world and his lifelong dedication to music leaves not only our radios locked in the corridors of AM Static, but also delivers us to a void that will forever remain empty.

He was an Icon to say the least, but for African-Americans, he was an inspiration. Through him we saw our own promise, with him we learned to believe.

We will miss your forever Michael Jackson and wish the family you left behind strength, love and will. With peace in our hearts we say farewell.

“I would have liked to know you… but your candle burned out long before the legend ever did.” – Elton John

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