Michael JacksonBillie Jean. Dirty Diana. Beat It. Bad. Thriller.


Man in the Mirror. Smooth Criminal. Remember The Times. PYT. The Way You Make Me Feel. Rock With You. Heal The World. Black or White. Invincible. Heaven Can Wait.


A legend of legends, Michael Joseph Jackson, met his demise today. Words cannot describe how disheartening this is. There are scores of children who were 80’s babies, whose childhoods were defined by Michael Jackson’s artistic genius and surreal presence. He was the original MJ – before Michael Jordan came along.

In the next few hours and days, you all will read about his idiosyncratic ways and partiality toward bizarre behavior. For now, we’ll just focus on the impact that he had on our lives. For the better.

Our hearts and prayers goes out to the Jackson family. We’re numb. MJ just seemed so immortal to us. At least his music gets to live on in perpetuity.

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  • Michael Gooden

    Michael Jackson is the of the world, he made people cry for happiness, he made people laugh for joy, He made my world a fun place. I don’t care about Michael personal life all I care about is that he made music, kids, adult, enemy and friends happy. I was once a dress and dance a like fan, and I am still a loved person to Michael Jackson, May his soul rest in peace.

    I love you Michael For what you do in the world.

    Michael Gooden — Grand Cayman Island

  • Karissa

    Not alot of people realize how quickly things can change. You can have one thing one moment and the next, its gone. I miss Michael Jackson, I really didn’t pay much attention to him, but i feel like i have met him before. I know it sounds crazy but, its true. I feel bad for Michael Jackson, i think the reason that all the celeberties go bad is that the pressure gets to them, people ly about them, so they start drugs and soon before you know it they start doing crazy things. I hope people will remember all the wonderful things Michael Jackson has done, and how he changed the world for the better. My eyes are watering, and i am not really an emotional person. There is one thing i don’t understand about him, why he did makeovers. He was not a bad looking guy. I am deeply filled with sorrow. RIP MJ

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