yardley_messeroux_tcr_editorThe Coil Review site not only features, natural hair articles, tips, photos, product reviews and a salon directory, it’s also packed with information from stylists, dermatologists and trichologists all geared toward the mission of inspiring women of color to embrace their natural hair.

In June of 2008, Founder and Editor in Chief, Yardley Messeroux, embarked on this mission to create a resource of information on all things pertaining to natural hair by way of The Coil Review.

“As a woman who has worn natural hair for most of her life, I’ve found that resources are out there, but definitely limited. So I wanted to create a reliable guide so people can learn about the beauty and versatility of natural hair – and also to ultimately reset the stale standard of what is considered beautiful hair…a personal and professional goal of mine.”

Defining natural:

You would think this is a fairly easy word to define, but it’s not so cut and dry. To be natural, the way women of color use the term is – to not chemically straighten your hair. Well, that’s just part of it. “Natural” is accepting and wearing your own texture, proudly. Being patient and learning about your natural hair no matter how frustrating it gets basically, acknowledging the beauty of your God-given coils and curls.

My natural journey began with Dead Presidents and a Lye. No really – it’s true. I actually made the decision at a time when no one, not even the ‘fight the power – incense burning’ girls at school were wearing their hair naturally. I know, bad stereotype. I just remember one day I got the worst perm ever at the Dominican spot near campus when they ran out of no-lye so they gave me a lye perm, and a week later, my hair was falling out profusely at a simple stroke of a comb. That’s the experience that took me on a trip of reflection, which led me to the epiphany.

I reflected on the years past when my mother used to tell me how beautiful my thick long braids were, while I begged her for a perm to fit in with junior high classmates. I reflected on how self-loathing I was at the sight of new growth – damn near running to the salon to get it straightened and “fixed”. I also reflected on how restricted I was in situations like refusing to go outside if there was a rain forecast to avoid getting my hair wet. Now how ridiculous was that! Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event to get you thinking a little deeper, beyond the surface.

But what sealed the deal was Dead Presidents – my favorite flick at the time. Delilah wore her fro so sexy and confidently. The look was tough, in a fabulous way! That powerful image gave me the extra nudge – having me yearn for my natural texture even more. So I took matters into my own hands, began the transition and I enjoyed the hills and valleys along the way. Great experience!

Natural advice:

I could go on for days, so I’ll break it down into just four things. 1. Do it for the right reasons, ladies! Go natural for a reason that is healthy for your hair as well as your mind, or else you will likely regress and get back to perming again. 2. Read, learn and review photos that are inspiring. 3. If you feel challenged and frustrated, it’s okay. Nothing that’s worth it ever comes easy. 4. And finally, go to (“insert shameless plug here”) The Coil Review on a regular basis. Great information over there – wink!

Natural beyond hair:

In the past, I used to be the first to say, my hair is not who I am and I don’t have to fall into a stereotypical “ tree-hugging lifestyle”. I found myself to be more of a self-proclaimed ‘Sex and the City’ type of gal, which I’m sure you could have gathered by the feel of the commercial. But when it comes down to it, it’s not even about that. Once we allow ourselves to arrive at a place where we’re really enjoying our natural hair, we tend to realize the benefits of embracing other aspects of a natural lifestyle. It just makes more sense. Healthy foods, healthy products – basically a healthy life in general.

Being natural introduces you to a better quality of life; and who doesn’t want that? I personally gravitate to all natural products due to the findings from research I’ve done over the past 10 years on hair products and hair overall. I also find myself buying more organic foods, too. So yeah, it definitely spills over into my lifestyle.

Creating The Coil Review’s re-launch commercial:

For decades we’ve seen hair commercials on TV where the women fling their shiny, bouncy straight hair around which are the images that, unfortunately, have set the general standard of beauty for all women. So we at The Coil Review thought, hmmm, let’s make a commercial that sets our own standard of beauty for women of color; and in doing that, let’s show them how sexy and cosmopolitan natural hair really is.

One of the main objectives of The Coil Review is to help reverse what American history and mainstream media have done that has affected the way Black women perceive their natural texture, by showcasing positive images of our own natural beauty. That was really the main goal of the commercial. By the way, there is no doubt talent runs in the family, the commercial was directed by her sister, Tricia “T.Mezz” Messeroux, who breathed life into the concept.

What’s In store for the Re-Launch:

Honestly, the purpose of re-launching The Coil Review was to give it a face lift, making it more inviting and enjoyable for daily perusing. So, I’ll leave that a secret so you all can be surprised.

Clutchettes and gents make sure to log-on to The Coil Review next month and support the beautiful ladies behind this wonderful destination. For more please visit thecoilreview.com.

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