72452595The fastest growing demographic group in the U.S. is a group of individuals now classified as Multiracial. According to Associated Press, the number of multiracial people rose 3.4 percent in 2008, to about 5.2 million. Since the option was introduced in 2000, Americans who check multiple boxes on census surveys have jumped by 33%, making up 5 percent of the non-white population. As of July 2008, California, Texas, New York and Florida possessed the highest number of multiracial citizens highly attributed to the number of immigrants who marry outside of their cultural group.

This escalating new demographic has many implications which have evoked varying opinions from the public at large. For multiracial people themselves, it’s viewed as advantage, as they are able to fully embrace their complex heritage. 17-year-old Kayci Baldwin from Middletown, N.J. appreciates the government’s sorely belated acknowledgement. “While we are a group that was previously ignored in many ways, we now have an opportunity to fully identify and express ourselves.”

However, there are those who fear that the changing face of America will complicate issues as they pertain to politics and civil rights. According to AP:

“Under new federal rules, many K-12 schools next year will allow students for the first time to indicate if they are ‘two or more races.’ The move is expected to cause shifts in how test scores are categorized, potentially altering race disparities and funding for education programs.”

Change is an inevitable part of life, and with progress always comes struggle. America was founded on the notion of racism as a tool to control. Nevertheless, multiracial individuals are taking control of their identity and challenging the old system. Only time will tell how this new trend will reshape our society as we flow collectively into the future.

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  • I’m glad they’re creating a niche. All of us are multi-racial on some level, and frankly, these labels need to go. The sooner they do, the sooner things like test scores and how money is divided up among certain groups of individuals can even out.

  • Jst1BlckMn

    @Kweenie, I think Imani’s comments illustrate togetherness as the basic underlying principal of most groups. Racial or ethnic groups have very very fine and intricate histories and culture particular to their indentity which has been developed over years whether langauges, cuisine, music, dress, forms of science, spirituality, architecture, art etc etc etc, even their own physical form. You can see this all over the world. These human feats could not have developed without these particular groups doing their thing as a group. Therefore each of these groups has every right to be proud of what they are. However, the problem comes when one group detrimentaly interfers with another especially when trying to appropriate wealth and/or power which I think white supremacists are guilty of.

  • Imani

    It’s so sad that if you desire/prefer to promote love for and within your own
    race and culture and even when you state clearly no hatred toward any other
    race or culture of people…there will be those sh*t-for-brains kind of people like kweenie who will get things twisted and make it about hate anyway.
    Go ahead, knock yourself out getting it twisted, kweenie. You show complete
    lack of understanding despite what is stated. People like you are the problem.

    Thanks, Jus1BlckMn…you get it. It was simple and to the point what I stated
    but sadly there are those who complicate the simplest things.
    It’s sad that to desire, prefer and promote love for your own people means
    to some people that you have to hate other races of people which is completely
    stupid. I don’t hate anyone. I think that preservation of one’s own race of
    people is vital to the richness of that race of people. That should always be
    cherished for all races of people. There is beauty in all races of people.

  • Jessica

    So if we seperate ourselves by afrikan, biracial, and black does that mean we no loner have a black president? All this division between black people is crazy.