baruch-shirt-dress-1-logoAfter participating in a bit of retail therapy and stargazing at celeb influencers, (Rihanna, Christina Milian and Eva Marcelle to name a few) we’ve concluded that the summer fashion forecast calls for a healthy dose of ethnic inspired, tribal infused looks fit for a certified globetrotter. For those of you who’ve also been struck with a case of style wanderlust we’ve found three fresh new lines that offer plenty of inspiration on how to incorporate the tribal trend into your wardrobe. Like treasured, hand crafted pieces chosen from memorable travels-a wealth of striking colors, rare prints and impeccable attention to detail define the unique finds within each collection.


The look: We shun drama in our personal lives, but in our closets…well, that’s another matter. Sultry, slightly edgy with a focus on fit and detailing, the Baruch line is the daring answer to the global minded trend. Edwardian, Romantic and Baroque influences seen throughout the collections reflect the darker more intense mood that many designers embraced for summer.

The story: Baruch, which in Hebrew means blessed, was launched just last year and is the vision of self taught London based designer Angela Knowles. Within her capsule collections, the designer focuses on creating accessible fashion for women who have an appreciation for vibrant colors and sharp style.

Visit Baruch @ www.baruch.me.uk


The look: Vintage takes on a modern spirit with funky styling and retro feminine cuts. Sika seamlessly marries traditional West African textiles and prints with a London hipster sensibility. We love how the lines four spring/summer collections: fusion, wonderland, spell bound and gold coast feature functional pieces for our multi-faceted fashion needs.

The story: Sika’s designer, Phyllis Taylor, is a native of Ghana living in London who not only uses her culture as inspiration, but also gives something back to the community from which the lines success is derived. Fabrics are made and sourced locally in Ghana, while skilled craftsman in the area are employed to produce the line.


Visit Sika @ www.sikadesigns.co.uk


The look: Alala’s spring/summer designs tread lightly on directional patterns for an end result that’s light, fun and flirty. From the pop of color boyfriend vest to the sexy open-back dress, this line is full of classic with a twist “ooh, I need those” pieces. Fortunately, with prices starting at $70-$400 we might be able to actually cop a few items for ourselves.

The story: As early as age 6 Taiwo, who is of Nigerian descent, recalls toying around with fabric and sewing. Since her childhood explorations in design and despite being told that she wasn’t that great, Adejoke can count being an alum of Project Runway Canada as one of her accomplishments. The designer has said of her line, “My collections main objective is to create pieces that the modern woman can easily take on retreats, as well as mix and match into their everyday wardrobe. Rich color, texture, and materials from around the globe are used to create an eclectic yet appropriate line of clothing.” We say that her mission was successfully accomplished.


Visit Alala @ www.adejoke.com

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