Why Her?



We’ve all felt the wind ripped from our hearts when confronted with the whirlwind of … infidelity. Warm souls shrinking into cold shadows, bringing our nightmares into the forefront and forcing our hearts never to believe again. But yet we wonder…


Why her? It’s a question that echo’s the moment the first tear slips from its sleeve. It’s a question that demands answers. Statements. Understanding. But the answer is simple… you can do better.

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  • Birgit

    She didn’t win any prize. He is obviously not trustworthy,a liar and deceptive which does not make him a good man. Not only does it hurt b/c you were deceived but the time that was invested in a noncommittal (on his part) relationship also pours salt on the wound. As my granny used to say, “you’re not the first and you won’t be the last.” But it does get better.

  • Meg

    Great story. I’m going through this right now. Thank u sooo very much.

  • Trudat

    I agree with Fleurzty

    It’s honestly not about you: if the topic is about a man: more than not: it is NOT about you.

    It’s about the man and what he wants at a specific time: many women could not even tell what their man like about them: or WHY this man is with her

    When females do give some lame reason how their man is with them: thats all it is: their view of why that man choose them: or why hes with a certain female

    Guys many of them give the EXACT opposite reason why their with a certain female

    it could be as trite or simple as she laughs at my jokes to a raw as she give me head and smiles why doing it:

    Most of the time the “why her women” will never know WHY

    So why even ask the question: I wouldnt, and Wont if even I would be in that situation

    he’s a dude, thus a ego an selfishness